12th round of the game show

“Welcome to the 12th round of the game show with the chance to win $10000.”


“The first 11 rounds has been:

1. Cross a red light
2. Walk backwards for 10 meters
3. Swim across the Yeardsley Lake
4. Smoke two cigarettes at once
5. Drive a car through a fence
6. Sit for 2 hours on a bench
7. Say “Hello” to a total stranger
8. This was the lightning round and was thus skipped
9. Throw 3 dice. If the count is higher than 2, pass.
10. Eat two Quarter Pounders in one sitting.
11. Pay $6000 to a charity of your choosing.

And finally, you’ve come to round number 12. Which round did you think was most difficult?”

Melissa was not in doubt. “Paying $6000 to a charity was difficult, since I had to borrow the money to do it. I figured, since I’m already so close to the grand prize of $10000, I might as well pay it up instead of giving up now.”

“OK, great, get dressed and we can get started with your instructions for the 12th round.”

Melissa got ‘dressed’ in the outfit the tv station gave her. With only one round left to get the $10000, she was not asking many questions at this point, just listening carefully to the instructions.


“Are you ready for your challenge?”


“Great. See these 8 guys without their pants on? You have to get them to cum on you within the next 10 minutes”


“What, what do you mean, cum on me!?” Melissa asked. The camera was rolling and there was a countdown, now reading 09:52”

“Shit!” Melissa said, when she realized the time had started. Either take the loss of $6000 or win $10000 – she had to act quickly. She jumped over to the first guy and sucking him off while jacking off another guy.


Then she realized she wouldn’t make it in time like this. Most of the guys didn’t even have boners – she had to do something drastic.

She started by taking her top off and jacking off two guys at a time. That helped a little, but it was still not enough.


She looked into the camera and understood that the dice had been rolled, she was in it now and there was only one target and that was to win.

One of them came very quickly on her hand and it was counted as a win. That gave her hope, but she knew she had to act quickly. She knew that the chance of cumming fast was much higher if she could motivate them a little more.


She dropped her panties, lined up the guys behind her and placed a guy in front of her that she could suck off. It would be a cumming assembly line.


That worked. One guy came in her and the next one continued, only 6 more to go. She did get a bit distracted when the camera went close to her head to get a close-up.

But she managed to stay focused and he came in her mouth. Another win, 5 more to go and only 4 more minutes.


She had gotten them all hard, but only one could fuck her at a time, so she knew she had to change strategies again. She got all 5 remaining around her and sucked them off, jacked them off and did everything she could to get them done.


She got one, then another – spunk, spunk, spunk, right in her face.

“Yes, cum cum cum!” she yelled as cum was flooding over her face.


“Great job by Melissa, really great, only one more to go”

“Time! That’s it, we’re out of time. Ohh, so close, you only got 7 of them but you needed all 8 of them to win. Tell me, Melissa, how do you feel right now?”


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