5 star pool service

That’s me on the left with the blond hair and it’s my first day here at the hotel. My friend Kathy (on the right) got me this job.


We’re hanging out at the pool at a hotel all day and, oh year, we have to go topless. An easy geek. We’re basically hired to make the pool area of the hotel seem a little nicer for the busy busy business travellers here at the hotel.

While we’re here, we also have to help putting sun tan lotion on our guests and make sure they’re happy. That’s our job description.


Going around topless all day at the pool, making sure the guests are happy, seems like a very easy thing to do. We even get all the cocktails we can drink. It’s like a vacation, except it’s work so we get paid for it. Great deal!

When we turned him around to put sun tan lotion on his front, Kathy noticed he had a big boner. Well, with two topless girls massaging him, I guess I would be a little offended had he NOT had a boner.


Kathy did something that I didn’t expect. She pulled the guest’s shorts down. She asked the guest whether he wanted a happy ending. He nodded. “It’s our job to keep the guests happy” she whispered to me.

“Oh, so this is the catch with this job”, I thought to myself. I had just lost my job as a secretary and Kathy had helped me out with this job so I wouldn’t lose my apartment and my ability to pay for my college tuition. I had to keep the job and with Kathy there guiding me, I did as she instructed in my ear, and put my mouth on the guests cock.


The guest was moaning quietly as I was sucking his cock. It was not my first time sucking a cock, but I had only sucked the cock of my ex-boyfriends – and not very often. But I knew the sound of a guy that was soon cumming, and this was it.

But Kathy stopped me before I (and he) could finish. Kathy asked the guest whether he wanted a fuck. I thought it was plenty hospitable of us to suck his cock, but I thought to myself that Kathy was welcome to fuck him if that’s what she wanted. But that’s not what Kathy had in mind. She said “Go ahead” in my ear and pointed at me to sit on him. I couldn’t refuse in front of the guest, I had to maintain the 5 star service. I got on him and Kathy helped his cock into my pussy.


Before I could react, his cock was deep inside my pussy. I was too nervous to know what to do. I only knew that Kathy was my de-facto supervisor at this new job, that I just HAD to have, and I just did as she instructed me, assuming she had everything under control.

Kathy moved me up and down on his cock until I took over and sat on him and jumped up and down on his cock.


There it was again, that familiar sound of a guy soon going to cum. I could hear him getting closer and when I thought it was almost there, I was about to get off him, but he and Kathy grabbed me and kept me on his cock. He moaned and gave a long ‘aaaahhhhh’ as he came in me.

I got off him and Kathy wiped off any cum that had dripped on him and he went back to reading his book.

Kathy guided me to the outdoor shower and helped me get cleaned up.


“Kathy, I had no idea it was that kind of job” I then told her, in safe distance from the satisfied guest. “Well, we have to keep our guests happy” Kathy explained.

“So how does it work, is it your turn next time?” I asked Kathy.

“No” she said. “It’s your turn every time, I don’t fuck people for money, I’m not a whore!”

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  1. It’s so hard to find good friends like kathy. Next time you have to service a guest please ask kathy to rub your clit and help double your service both to you and your customer.
    Love you girl’s

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