A decent massage parlour

I’m working at a massage parlour. It’s a decent place with a good reputation. Some places, they offer you ‘extra services’ like “happy ending” and stuff like that. Not here. This is just a very popular massage parlour for regular massages.

Here I am, greeting a new client.


I chose my outfit myself. When the client is receiving the massage, they are wearing nothing but a lose towel over their private parts. I feel that if I’m only partly dressed, the client will not feel so underdressed. Also, I look stunning in this outfit.

The owner of the massage parlour was a little worried that I might give the wrong impression with this outfit. I want to underline that I do not offer any ‘extra services’ and I also underlined that to my boss. She believed me but also reminded me that she would not accept just a single episode where I’m crossing the boundary and losing my professional distance to the client and possibly perform services that are not part of one of the standard packages.’

When I massaged the client, he usually signals good and bad by making “mmm” and “ouch” sounds to guide me.


I was doing pretty well I think, because he was giving out some nice “mmm” sounds, really enjoying it. That’s great when you get confirmation that you really are doing a good job.

“Everything all right in here?” My boss just popped her head in to check on me. The client nodded and I said “Yes, thankyou”. She would do that quite often without knocking.

After half an hour of massage on his backside, it was time for him to turn around. He was quite embarrassed, because for some reason, he was having a big boner.


It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s only natural and it doesn’t neccessarily mean anything sexual with me or anything like that. It’s just a normal human reaction. There was one problem with it, though. How would it look if my boss looked inside now.

“Don’t worry about that” I said “just relax and let it fall down”.

“I can’t” he replied. “I think it will stay like that. There is nothing I can do about it”

That could be a problem. My boss could walk in at any moment. “Is there nothing you can do?” I asked. “Sorry – knowing my self, it will stay that way until I get relief.”

“Well, you gotta cum then. Cum!”. “It doesn’t work like that” he said. “Well you gotta” I said, and tried to help him, by reaching under the cover and trying to jerk him off a bit.


“Are you close to cumming?” I asked as I continued to jerk him off.

“Not really” he just said.

I was really getting worried now. If my boss walked in with him having a boner, I would certainly lose my job and there are no other jobs to be had.

If she walked in on me now, jerking him off, I would also certainly get fired, but I would get fired anyway, so I had to do something to make him cum and then finish the massage.

I stopped for minute and build up courage. Then put his cock in my mouth and started sucking him off.


I went on like that for maybe 2 minutes, sucking the best I could. Really trying not to seem stressed about it, but I knew I had to really hurry with this. Oh I was hoping so much that he would cum now and get me out of this situation.

I looked up at him but it didn’t seem like he was about to cum. “Cumming yet?” I asked. He shook his head. “Actually, I’ve never been that much turned on by getting sucked off.”

Wow, now I’ve heard everything. I was sure this was going to do it.

“Can you cum now?” I asked desperately, jerking him off a bit more.

“No, I don’t think so”

I looked at the clock. Looked at him. Knew my boss would come very soon. I would lose my job. I chose to go all in. I ripped off my clothes for optimal effect, stood up on the table above and sat down on his cock, wiggling it inside. I was sure I could get him to cum from that.


This worked well. He didn’t cum yet, but finally he started making the right kind of moaning sounds. I was sure he was going to cum in seconds and I kept concentrating on giving him a smooth fuck.

“It’s working he said” and it encouraged me to fasten the pace. I knew I was right now doing exactly what my boss has told me not to do, but if she came in her seeing him with a boner, it wouldn’t matter at all what I was doing to that boner. This was my only chance.

After what must’ve been around 10 minutes, I heard a very nice thing. It was the client, saying “I’m cumming!” I could feel his cock widen inside me and then it happened. It splurted some cum in me. I was saved.

I was just about to jump off, put my dress back on and continue the massage like nothing had happened, when my boss opened the door.


She was surprised to see this, to say the least, but kept her professionalism and posture. “Are you alright?” she asked the client. He nodded. She then looked at me. I said the most stupid thing in the world. “It’s not what it looks like!”.

“Oh really” she said, half laughing. “Well, what is it then, if you didn’t just fuck this client”. That was exactly what I did and exactly what it looked like, me still sitting on his cock with cum dripping out, I was pretty much busted.

“Yes, but it’s not like that. He is not paying for it at all so it wasn’t any extra service or anything” I explained.

“So he is not paying for it, you say?”

“No. Please let me keep my job” I pleaded.

“So what you’re saying is, that you want to keep your job and let our clients fuck you for free?”

“Uhm” I didn’t know what to answer. “Or would you rather not work here anymore?”

“Yes!” I shouted, because I really did want to work there. I had to.

“Good, we have a deal then.” my boss looked down on the client. “Please tell your friends”

After that, you could often see me in the massage parlour in situations like this.


I kept my job. The deal, however, turned out to be slightly different than I had expected. I was thinking I now had to finish off many massages with a quick fuck if the client asked for it. That was not exactly the case.

No. I was on the menu! My boss even took pictures and advertised the new service offered. There was a picture of me, spreading my legs, showing my wide open pussy, right there in the menu on display in the lobby.

I got so many clients, you wouldn’t believe it. I had the same clients coming back, but I also received bachelor parties and just dudes on their way home from a bar at night. They all wanted the same thing. Fuck me. I still massaged some times and got paid for that. As I said, I kept my job. But remember, she said I had to do this for free. Even for free when there was no massage at all involved! Meaning, I would get fucked and not get paid at all – she would keep all the money!

At least, that’s what I thought. But one day I looked in the menu and saw the price. It just said “Complimentary with any item”. So they could buy a massage from someone else and get a free fuck with me. Or they could simply buy a 3 dollar beer. I saw many guys come in with a beer in their hand that they bought in the lobby, not even opening it and just going over to me and start fucking me.

Well, at least I kept my job. I was sure I would get fired but I guess I was lucky.


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