A free fertility clinic

I’m proud to say that I do my part in the community. If a rich woman can’t have a child, she goes to an expensive fertility clinic and gets someone to help her with that problem. Poor girls don’t usually have that option. That’s why I have created a completely free fertility clinic for young girls.

Here are some pictures of a few of the girls that have used our free fertility clinic.


I know what you are thinking. These girls all have something in common. They are quite good looking. So what’s that all about? You see, there’s no such thing as free. Everybody knows that. I think even most of these girls understand that, when they learn about the details on how my clinic works.

I will repeat that one more time. There is no such thing as free. But there IS the possibility of someone else paying – that’s the case here. These girls are not able to pay for the services at the fertility clinic, so I found a way in which we can run an effective fertility clinic and have someone else paying.

Take this girl, for example. She wants to get pregnant. It’s not obvious why, but that’s besides the point. She meets the simple criteria we have for girls eligible for our free fertility services. She’s pretty.


You may wonder why she’s naked. Well, you would see that at some point in the process in any fertility clinic, but that’s where the similarities end. One of the main differences of our clinic and other clinics is, that we document every part of the process with pictures. For example, the above picture is from her file just before her first fertility treatment.

On the picture below, she has just started the treatment. This picture is also from her file. Actually, there are hundreds of pictures in her file.


These are examples of other pictures in her file from this treatment.


So what’s going on? Yes, to treat her is to fuck her. Isn’t that one of the best ways to get pregnant? And it’s pretty much free. It’s quite easy to find volunteer ‘doctors’ to help out at the clinic.

For someone to get pregnant from a fuck, it’s important that she gets cum in her pussy. In order to document that these fucking sessions have a purpose related to the clinic, we also have pictures to document cum in her pussy.

Here’s the picture from the end of this treatment, to document how it ended.


At this point it’s not completely certain that she will get pregnant. That’s why she is obliged to come again as often as we require it for the next two months to receive additional treatment. It’s cheaper than buying expensive pregnancy tests. Many times, when we think it’s a good time for her to get pregnant, we make sure that up to 10 ‘doctors’ attend to her treatment that day.

So who pays for the treatments here at the clinic. You remember those files where the pictures are kept? People can buy access to view those files. Who does that? Remember those rich women that go to expensive fertility clinics to get pregnant. Ironically, it’s their husbands that pay to access the files!

Pictures by Girls Got Cream

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