A funny picture

I lost a bet. It was harmless. We were all betting about who would win the college football championship and everyone participated in the bet. The stake was $50.

I’m not a rich girl and I definitely do not have $50 to blow on a bet, so I was sad to say that I could not participate. A few guys suggested that my stake could be that they could take a funny picture of me. The catch was that they wouldn’t tell me beforehand what the picture would be like. I would have to find out if I lost.

I’m not stupid. I know how guys think. So I made a few rules about the picture. I would be giving them pretty much free hands to decide about how to arrange the picture, so it was important for me to point out that I would not participate in anything where anyone is touching me at all and I would not be nude – not even expose a tit.

The guys discussed the proposition among themselves and finally agreed. I was in for $50 and my stake was just a funny picture with no touching and I would not have to display neither a nipple or my pussy. If they hadn’t agreed on that, I wouldn’t have accepted the bet. As I already mentioned, I know how guys think.

The game was exciting – I was close to winning but as it turned out, I lost.

A few days later, when the time came to make the funny picture, rhey asked me to lower my top – not so my nipples would be exposed, but just so my shoulders would be bare. Then they asked me to sit on my knees. I still didn’t know what they were up to. One guy got ready to take the picture. Then all of a sudden, the three guys stood around me with semi boners hanging over my head. *Snap*.

The result is the “funny” picture shown below.


No, they’re not touching me and no I’m in fact not naked. They had kept their end of the bargain. I don’t think it’s really a funny picture, but I guess I can’t really prove that. I have to admit, that they didn’t break our deal. I lost the bet and now they took this picture, which for me was not very funny.

“I guess you guys are going to have fun looking at that picture, huh?” I said, fishing for what they intended to do with it.

“Yea, we’re gonna show it to all our friends too” one guy said.

I was scared they would say something like that. Although I wasn’t really doing anything, I knew what it looked like and this picture could sure start a hell of a rumor.

“Isn’t that a little stupid” another guy said. I was now hoping that he would do the cool thing, have his laughs and then delete the picture. He continued. “Why walk around showing the picture to people, when we can just put it on my website, along with her name?”

“Hey, you can’t do that!” I protested, “that was’nt part of the deal. I don’t want this picture on the internet.”

“She is right” they third guy said. “It wasn’t part of the deal. But it also wasn’t NOT part of the deal. We can do whatever we want with this picture!”.

“But we won’t do that” the first guy then said and looked at me.

“You won’t?” I asked insecurely, they sure seemed eager to publish it a few seconds ago. “No we won’t, because you are going to be very nice to us right now, aren’t you?”

I understood the message. They were standing all around me and I had to be nice to them. It’s not like I hadn’t sucked a cock before, but only my boyfriends’ and definitely only one at the time. “So if I suck your cocks, you will delete the picture right now and NOT publish it anywhere?” All three boys nodded.

I built up some courage and started ‘being nice’ to them, thinking about the promise that they wouldn’t publish the picture.


I made an effort. I wouldn’t want them to have any excuses. I was really being very nice to them.

I sucked each cock and even tried to caress the cocks I couldn’t have in my mouth.

When I switched from one cock to another, my eye caught a light.


A red light. From the camera. THEY WERE FILMING ME!!

“Don’t stop” one guy said.

“What are you doing!?” I was outraged. “You are making a video of this? Why!?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” the guy who held the camera asked. “We need the video to get you to go to the next level”

“The next level?” I almost shouted. I was really angry now. I thought I had been a good sport about this – hell, more than that, I was sucking their cocks!. “Forget it, I’m not going to any next level with you.” I said, determined to not let them fool me again.

“I guess we will have fun publishing this blowjob video then. I wonder what the other girls on campus will say.” The guy said. Another guy supplemented. “Yea, I guess they will really respect you then, if you are caught sucking three guys’ cocks.”

“But you promised not to publish it!” I said, knowing that my argument was weak. The obvious reply came back. “Don’t worry, we won’t publish the picture that we agreed not to publish – why would we, when we have this video to publish instead!”.

“What is it you want?” I said and as I said it, all the guys smiled at once and looked at each other. They knew I had given up.

One guy took my hands, got down on his back and pulled me down with him. He guided his cock towards my pussy and quickly found the entrance. As he tried to penetrate, I felt hands on my butt. I was thinking he was trying to help the process, but then I felt something else near my butt. It was another dick trying to enter my ass hole. Meanwhile, yet another dick was being shoved in my mouth.

Now they all started to work their way inside me. Impatiently pushing and pushing, getting farther and farther into me. After a couple of minutes, I had three dicks dick-deep in me. And a fourth one waiting in line. I reminded myself that at least there was no one to cheat and take pictures this time.


I wasn’t able to speak or even move. My only ability right now was to be fucked. And that’s what they did.

After 20 minutes I was so exhausted, I was about to pass out. It’s hard enough to fuck for 20 minutes, but with three cocks in me, it’s thrice as hard.


My asshole and pussy was starting to get numb by now. I could barely feel anything. However, I could my pussy was getting sore, my pussy was sort of worn. I could feel they quickened their pace and when they finally came in me I was relieved to know that it would now soon be over.

Two of them came in my mouth – I spit out the cum immediately. We definitely had no deal about swallowing cum. I still had some pride left.

3 thoughts on “A funny picture”

  1. Beautiful story, charming little moment of almost-pride at the end by gullible little cum-drenched bimbo.


  2. Well, it is hard to point out that you didn't know someone would be poking their cock into your asshole when someone is busy sliding a cock into your mouth…

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