A funny story about my maid uniform

I needed a job and have previously been working as a maid. When I saw an ad from a gentlemen who was searching for a maid to clean twice a week, I thought I’d give him a call.

The pay was excellent, but it did come with a little quirk. He wouldn’t allow me to wear panties while working for him. At first I thought to refuse, but there were no other jobs to get at that time, so I finally agreed. At that time, the maids uniform, certified by the Maids’ Union involves a long skirt, so it would be no problem to not wear panties. The skirt would be plenty long to cover everything, so I could tolerate his little quirk. Other than that, it was a great job, so I signed a 1 year contract to come over twice every week.

The trouble began when the Maids’ Union changed the uniform. The new uniform was nice, and was generally accepted by maids throughout the country, but it had one disadvantage for me – it involved a shorter skirt. That’s not a problem for most maids, because they wear panties, naturally. But it was a problem for me, because I had signed a contract saying I couldn’t wear panties.

So there I was – a short skirt and no panties.


Luckily the gentleman who had hired me was almost never home. Through the months of working for him, I actually started to enjoy the outfit. It was liberating to not wear panties under a short skirt. Sometimes I didn’t change before I went home on the bus, and enjoyed the attention from people on the bus.

Many times when ironing, I imagined the gentleman coming home – the skirt was generally long enough to cover my pussy, barely – but there was a slit behind, which meant anyone standing behind me would have pretty much full view to my ass and pussy.


Sometimes when I let my imagination run free, I could almost sense him standing behind me, admiring the view. But when I turned around, he wasn’t there. It felt so real, that my pussy sometimes got very wet – to the point where it actually dripped on the floor.


When I had to bend over a bit, for some reason, I knew it exposed my pussy even more. I imagined that he grabbed my ass. It felt so good – and as long as I didn’t look back, it was as if he was really there. Even though I know he wasn’t really behind me, when I didn’t look, my body was convinced that he was actually there – that he was actually grabbing my ass.


It felt so real, that I usually couldn’t help it – I looked back, saw that no one was there, and spoiled the moment for myself. It was like having a great dream and then forcing myself to wake up from it.

One day I decided that I wouldn’t look back, no matter how real it felt. I was going to try letting my imagination run it’s course. Finish the dream.

In my imagination, what happened after he grabbed my ass, was that he massaged my pussy with his dick.


I had never experienced this in my day dream before, but I stayed focused, and didn’t look back. It felt so good and I didn’t want to ruin it.

After a while, the dick finally penetrated me. Oh my god, I had waited for that for so long.


I stopped ironing and just enjoyed the sensation. It felt so real. I was getting wetter and wetter and it was beginning to feel like heaven. I wanted more and more, and even started to scream for more. “More, more – fuck me. Oh yeah, fuck me. Give me more. Don’t stop. Fuck me”.

Even though I knew no one was really touching or fucking me, it felt so real that I was very close to cumming. I could feel it being very close, when I heard a sound – it was the door. The gentleman had come home! I quickly put down my skirt and acted like nothing had happened. That’s actually true – nothing had happened, I had just let my imagination run free. But oh, how unlucky that he hadn’t come home a few hours later, so I would have known how my day dream would have ended.

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