A lecture on the definition of sex

“Thanks a lot for inviting me down to your apartment for a glass of water, but I really must be going now” Ella said. Her  downstairs neighbor had seen her in the hall and invited her in for a glass of water where they were chatting.


“Nonsense, you don’t have to go yet. Finish your water first.” Henry said and continued his chatter. “I did” Ella said “Three times, but you filled it up again each time”.

“Well, then you can wait a bit before you drink more of it” Henry suggested.

“So, Ella, do your parents say that you are not allowed to talk to strangers?” he asked out of the blue. Ella shook her head. “No” Ellsa said – then she blurted out “but my parents tell me that I can’t have sex until I’m 21.”. Ella blushed after revealing her secret to her downstairs neighbor, Henry.

Henry got up. Ella assumed he was going to refill her glass of water, but he took her by surprise by giving her a big kiss on the mouth just as he passed by.


“There are lots of fun things you can without having sex, let me teach you” Henry suggested. After Henry stopped kissing Ella, she took the glass and drank the water. However, she did also feel slight tingling in her tummy from the kiss from her handsome neighbor.

“Don’t do that” Ella said.

“Why, do you know what sex is?” the neighbor asked. Ella nodded. “Is a kiss the same as sex?” Henry asked. “No” Ella responded. “So … you can kiss people, right? Here, let me show you something else.

Henry went down in front of Ella and started moving up between her legs, spreading them and kissing her on her inner thighs until he reached her pussy. When he got to her pussy, he kissed it and licked it a bit. Ella couldn’t help but give out a little moan.


“Please don’t, Henry” Ella said.

“This isn’t sex either, is it? And it feels good, doesn’t it?”.

“It feels … good” she responded. “But I don’t think this is OK. It’s oral sex” she said.

“Ella – yes, it’s oral sex, but oral sex isn’t sex” Henry explained.

“It isn’t?” Ella asked. “But it has sex in it, right there in the name”.

“Well, maybe oral sex in many times part of sex, but saying that oral sex is sex, is the same as saying that mayonnaise is the same as a burger, just because the burger contains mayonnaise.”

Ella was silent after Henry’s explanation. Henry followed up with a question:

“Is mayonnaise and burger the same thing?”

Ella shook her head ‘no’.

“Good” Henry said “then oral sex isn’t sex either” he said and continued licking her pussy until it was completely wet and Ella was completely horny.

Henry started undressing her.


“I really don’t think this is OK” Ella said.

Henry though she was being weird now. “Aren’t you naked when you’re in the shower?” Henry asked. Ella nodded. “So, does showering count as sex. Of course not” Henry answered his own question. “There is no problem with being naked, just relax” Henry reassured Ella.

Henry put Ella on the table and started moving in between her legs. She was still in a horny state and didn’t really stop Henry when he started inserting his cock in her vagina. She just moaned.


“This is definitely sex” Ella said while Henry was fucking her.

“Not really” Henry said, surprisingly “People don’t say that they just had sex unless they ejaculated – just fooling around with each others genitals is not sex” Henry explained. “So as long as I don’t ejaculate, it’s not really sex”.

“OK” Ella said, now no longer caring about all of this, she just wanted to feel his cock inside of her.

After seeing Ella getting more and more horny and fucking her tight pussy, Henry just couldn’t keep it in any longer. He started cumming in her.


Ella noticed that Henry made strange sounds and then discovered that he had cum in her. “Did you cum in me?” she asked. Henry nodded. “Did you just ejaculate!?” Ella asked again in disbelief.

“Yes” Henry said. “Couldn’t be helped”.

“But … that means we just had sex”.

“Uhm …” Henry didn’t have an answer ready. He pulled out and started wiping his cock when he got an idea. “Ahh … yes, I ejaculated, I just had sex – but YOU didn’t ejaculate so technically you didn’t have sex, did you?” Henry asked. “So it’s all good”.

“Hmm …”. Ella wasn’t quite convinced. “All right, but I still think I shouldn’t tell my parents what we did down here today” she suggested.

Henry nodded. “Yes, that’s a good idea, they probably wouldn’t understand. But that doesn’t mean you can’t come visit me again tomorrow!”.

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