A new career on my 18th birthday: Part 2

I had discovered a new line of work. The people photographing me on my 18th birthday invited me back for another day of photoshoots. They actually paid me.

They were going to pay me $80! I had never received that much money before for any job – and for just a single day of work!

I went there and, as last time, they wanted me to pose in a bikini.


They had a whole bunch of costumes for me. Some were actual bikinis and others were actually underwear. I didn’t care about the difference.


Several hours went by with many bikini and underwear shots.


They just mentioned that I should come to the set 9 AM, they never really mentioned an end time – but still, $80 in one day is a lot. And it’s not like I have anything better to do today anyway.

They wanted me to pose inside in a bath. Without a top. I had gone topless last time too, so it wasn’t something I was worried about.


In fact, it was a lot of fun. There was soap everywhere and I was just swimming around while they were taking pictures.

After a while, they said they wanted to take some more realistic bathing pictures of me and asked me to take my underpants off. I would still be covered by the foam so I thought it would be OK to do.


“Great work”

“Now we just need an outdoor version of this photoshoot. Here’s a towel”. The assistant handed me a towel and I wrapped it around me. It was implied that there was no need for me to put underwear back on.

Outside I went under the water and they started taking pictures. This time there was no foam to hide behind, but the water still gave me nice protection.


They instructed me to different poses. One of them was while I was sitting near the edge of the pool. From here the water didn’t provide much protection.


I was suddenly feeling very naked and when they asked me to sit on the very ledge of the pool I hesitated for the first time. “Uhm … I’ll have to ask my parents” I heard myself say.

“Your parents? Why?” the guy asked “You’re over 18 years old, right?”

I nodded. I just knew my parents would have an opinion about this. “It’s all up to you, little woman, do you wanna complete the photo session or do you want to waste everyone’s time?” the photographer asked.

I looked around and was suddenly embarrassed to have wasted everyone’s time. I sat on the ledge and continued the photo shoot.


For the rest of this photoshoot I was posing naked on the ledge of the pool in different positions. I kept mindlessly following the photographers instructions until I was interrupted by a loud voice.

“Lunch time!” he said.

Someone handed me a towel and showed me to the lunch room where there was already sitting a few technicians having their lunch. I was relieved to get a break, but it seemed the photo shoot was not at all over.

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