A new career on my 18th birthday: Part 3

After lunch the photo shoot continued. I had to pay $15 for lunch, but they said they could just take it out of my salary, that way I wouldn’t directly have to pay for it.

For the rest of the day, they continued taking lots of pictures of me. I can give you a little spoiler alert on the day already and tell you that I did not wear underwear for the rest of the day.


They put me in normal poses like the one above.

But they also wanted me in more challenging poses like this one.


As the hours went by, they put me in more and more revealing poses. At the same time, I also got more comfortable with it. I thought I was really good at modelling at it didn’t hurt that they kept giving me compliments.

I got quite tired, though, after many hours of modelling and didn’t think too much about the poses. For example, it was only mid-pose that I realized just how revealing this pose was.


If it wasn’t already, it became a little sexual when they took me inside to the bath again and asked me to spray water on my own vagina. It felt good but I couldn’t enjoy it fully. At this point I was very tired and also very uncomfortable with the situation. I tried to be a good sport, but I felt they were taking a very long time and they were requiring a lot of me today.


After I had played around with the hose for 10 minutes or so, a loud voice interrupted our photo shoot.

“Dinner time!” someone yelled. I was relieved to get a break. I took a towel and went down to the room where we had eaten lunch and saw many of the same people down there. I was happy to see that there was a nice dinner buffet with salad and everything. I was very hungry and ate a lot and got a coke as well. The photographer noted that I looked a little tired and gave me a Red Bull. It was much needed.

“When are we done?” I asked the photographer. “We’ll be done in a while” was the useless reply…

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