A new career on my 18th birthday: Part 4

Having just finished dinner, I was shown into a room with a bed. In my haze, I thought I might take a little nap, but when I awoke I found the photography team waking me up.


I was awake now. Maybe the Red Bull was beginning to work. They told me I still had hours to go and to stay strong. I was beginning to think that I had to work quite hard for my $80.

Then something happened that made me wake up completely. The man sat down on the bed and started grabbing me. I slapped his hand away.


“No way! You can forget that” I said with my most confident voice.

“Really, you’re going to stop now?” the photographer asked.

“Yes, I didn’t sign up for this” I said.

“OK, sure – but you do understand, that if you do not complete the photo shoot, we cannot pay you”

“Hmm … well …”

I hesitated.

“And of course you have to pay for the food.” he said.

“What? I have worked for a whole day and I have to pay YOU fifteen dollars for it?” I asked.

“No – 40 dollars. You’re forgetting about dinner. But if you complete the photo shoot, it’s YOU that get 40 dollars. Sounds a little better, doesn’t it?”

I nodded. It was true, me getting 40 dollars DOES sound better than me PAYING 40 dollars…

“So put it in your mouth” the photographer told me. The guy had pulled his pants down in the mean time and was sporting a major boner. I made the better choice and put his cock in my mouth.


“Good” the photographer just said and kept taking pictures.

After a while, the guy started undressing me and soon after, we were both naked.


It was now obvious what the next thing was that would happen. He was started to get in between my legs and it was obvious he wanted to fuck me. I had used a dildo before so I was not technically a virgin, but had never had an actual penis in me and was unsure what to think of it.

“You’re over 18, it’s all up to you” I heard a voice say.

He was right, I should show that I’m able to make my own decisions now. No need to ask anyone else.

I felt his penis slowly entering my pussy.


Despite the many other thoughts going through my head, I was already wet. He had stimulated me a lot and now my pussy was asking for something to fill it and the feeling of a nice stiff penis was welcome.

“Do you want to be in control?” the photographer asked me. I didn’t know whether I wanted that.

The guy lied down under me and positioned me on his cock. Now I was in full control and started moving up and down on his cock.


My stomach was filled with butterflies. I had a tingling sensation all over my body.

And now my pussy was also filled with cum.

Before the photo shoot was really over and before I was really ready to stop, the guy had cum in me.

A bit disappointed, I got off his cock and looked at the semen flooding out of my pussy. Someone threw me a towel.

“Quickly, take a shower in there, we don’t have much time.”

I hurried in to take a quick shower and then came back out. When I came out, the guys penis was completely soft. Instead there was another guy who was starting to get undressed. The scene was played out again and I got another good fucking.


After he came in me too, they gave me another towel and the photographer said “Thanks, you did well today – welcome to the agency!”

“Does this mean I will get more jobs from you?”

“Sure, we’ll call you. You can pick up your $40 at the front desk”

When I went down to get my money, I thought about the day. I had not earned as much as I had expected. I got $40, but I also got food – and if I had stayed home, I wouldn’t have gotten anything at all. It’s pretty good.

I went home that day, hoping that they would call me again, but also hoping that I might get paid a little better next time…

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