A new career on my 18th birthday: Part 5

They called me a few days later with another offer. On the phone they didn’t want to get into too much detail about what the job would be, but they promised me that they would pay me even better today than they had previously.

When I arrived at the location, I saw a big sign outside. “Massage”.


I went inside and before they could explain anything else about what this job would be all about, I had to change into a uniform for this massage place. It was a lose fitting dress.

They led me into a room where there was a man lying down, ready to receive a massage. One of the assistants that I had met at the photo shoot before came into the room with me and started explaining everything to me.

“Working here is pretty well paid. You get $10 per hour and an additional $5 for each client. That means you get paid even if there are no clients, you still get paid a pretty decent amount”


I quickly calculated in my head and compared to the photo shoot I had participated in, in the weekend. There I got $80 for 12 hours of work. If I worked for the same time here, I would get $120, even more, depending on how many clients I would get!

That’s more than three times as much pay. With that amazing calculation in my head, I immediately agreed to take the job. “What do you want me to do?”

“Well, as you might have guessed, you job is to massage the customers. Go ahead and start”.


“Good, go on. Don’t be afraid to hurt him, put some muscle into it”. The assistant kept instructing me on what to do.

“Massage the upper back now. Make sure you distribute the massage evenly around his body.”

“OK, when 20 minutes have passed, ask the client to turn around. Keep an eye on the clock” the assistant instructed me.

“Turn around please” I said.

The towel fell down when he turned around and his already erect penis revealed itself. I can’t say I was surprised after the photo shoot. “Go ahead and massage it”. I did as he instructed me and the customer was quite content.


“Now that the client is quite excited about the service you are showing to him, you should always try to top yourself. Increase his excitement. You do this by undressing and doing the rest of the massage in the nude”.

I nodded and started undressing.

“At the same time, the client will feel more at par with you, as he is also naked.”

After getting naked, I started massaging him a bit more.

“Now, you want to keep an eye on the clock. When there is just 20 minutes left, you need to start the end game, or you may not make it in time. You can never know how much time it takes.”

“The end game?” I asked.

"Well, it’s quite simply. Sit on him and let his penis slide into you, this will allow you to massage his cock with your pussy, while you can also use your hands to massage other parts of his body.”


“And when does this end game … end?”

“Simple. When he cums, you just clean him off, caress his balls a little and then you’re done.”

The assistant hadn’t more than just finished his sentence, when I could feel something splurting into my pussy. The client was cumming already.

I jumped off, took a paper towel to clean him up and caressed him for 2 minutes and sent him on his way. There was still almost 20 minutes left but I was done already.

The assistant gave me $5 for serving the client and reminded me that I would also get my normal $10 per hour. I calculated again in my head and remembered that it had only taken around 40 minutes. The earnings were even more than I had imagined. Continuing like this, I would be able to earn almost $15 per hour if only I could get enough customers!

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