A new career on my 18th birthday: Part 7

Although my day job paid a decent salary and I earned a little extra on my night job (while sleeping, can you believe it?), I was offered an even better paying job by my boss. Well, it would pay the same, he said, which is fine – but it would give me opportunity to get more clients and so I would get more bonus payments!

It was a job in PR, he explained to me. To me, it seemed more like a job of sucking people’s cocks.


After a while I learned that these men in suits were all guests of an entertainment company and that I was simply servicing these guests. So I guess in a way I was doing some sort of PR service, assuming that these guests was enjoying their treatment.

For each guest that came while I was servicing them, I would get $5. I would still get $10 for each hour. However, during the massage job the $10 would be the main source of income, but now the $5 were stacking up more. Some times I could serve up to 5 or 6 men in one hour.

After a while I found a way to maximize my earnings.


I lied down and serviced them while lying down – however, that was not the entire secret to maximizing my earning. While sucking off cocks, I could have one guy fucking my pussy, cumming without me even having to do anything to assist him. Free money!


He would cum in me and BAM – I would have earned another $5.

The men would take turns on me and many times after arriving, they would come out and take another round with me. I made sure I kept doing a really good job on them, in order to get return customers. That way I could keep busy and earning money all the time while working.


After a few men came in my pussy, I noticed the men coming right after would some times be slightly reluctant to fuck me in the pussy. It meant less business for me, so I had to do something about it.

I still let them fuck me in the pussy, it’s simply a matter of good business, but I had a different tactic I applied later on.


When I could feel that they were close to cumming, instead of letting them cum in my pussy (I had some experience in this by now), I would make them pull out and have them cum in my face instead. Somehow men don’t mind fucking me although my face is completely covered in cum.

One guy explained that they think it’s fun cumming in my face. Fine with me – the pay is all the same.


At the end of the day, after 8 hours of work, I would look something like this:


The smile that you can see is because of all the money I’m thinking of. Remember, I started out earning nothing before I was 18 years old. Then I turned 18 and opportunities opened up for me. First I earned $40 from just having some pictures taken. Then I earned $120 from a day of massaging clients.

And now – at the peak of my career – I was earning $80 per day for 8 hours work plus $5 for each client. With approximately 5 clents per hour in average, that meant an additional $200.

I came from nothing to earning almost $300 per day!

Some woman told me that they were taking advantage of me. But I showed her the money I earned that day and laughed at her.

“Ha ha, I have the money” I laughed. “They gave it to me. That means I win!”

…and I still made a few extra bucks at night.

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