A pregnant pause

I am a spiritual healer and usually have people with all sorts of weird problems. One day I got a break from the usual weirdos – a seemingly pregnant girl visited me.


“Linda, thanks for putting your trust in me, but I must say that you are a rather unusual guest here in my practice”.

Linda nodded. She was a naive and sweet.

“Yes, Mr., but I already tried many other places and no one could help me, in fact it’s only getting worse”.

“OK OK, why don’t you tell me about your problem?” I asked.

Linda nodded and immediately took her dress off, revealing her pregnant tummy.


“Look at my tummy. It’s big” she said.

Hmm, that’s weird. I wonder …

“Linda … do you not know how your tummy got big?”

She shook her head.

Amazing, a girl in this day and age that doesn’t understand pregnancy. I decided to teach her all about it.

“OK, you’re in luck, Linda, I can help you. First take your underwear off too.”


She took her underwear off while explaining that the first person she asked about her problem also asked her to do that.

That would be a natural thing for a doctor to ask her to do.

Now – to teach her the lesson about pregnancy …

“Linda, have you ever seen one of these before?” I asked her and lowered my pants, letting my penis tumble out.

She nodded.

“OK – now I want you to put it in your mouth until it’s completely stiff”.

She nodded again.


“Yes, that’s it. Did you ever put a mans penis in your mouth before?”

She nodded again.

Aha, we were getting closer to an explanation 🙂

I asked her to sit down on a chair and I started slowly inserting my finger in her vagina.


“Linda, did you ever have a finger inside your vagina before?”

She shook her head. Really?

“Oh …”

I held up my penis and asked. “Did you ever have one of these inside your vagina before?”

She nodded.

Ahh, jackpot.

“Like this?” I asked and started inserting it.


She nodded again.

“Just like this?” I asked and started fucking her.

She nodded enthusiastically. “Yes” she said.

I took my time concentrating on just fucking her. She waited patiently for me to finish. I tried to contain my own enthusiasm, but couldn’t help but letting out a little moan as I came in her.


As I pulled out, cum came streaming out of her pussy and it fell on my couch. I then explained to her.

“Linda, when a penis puts white semen inside your vagina, then you can get a baby inside your tummy. Then we say that you are preg-nant”. I spelled it out for her. “This is what happened to you, this is why your tummy is big”.

She shook her head. “No, that’s not why” she said.

Surprised by her certainty, I had to know why she was so sure she wasn’t pregnant.

“I never had a penis inside me before my tummy was bloated. The first guy I came to for help after my tummy was feeling a little bloated, tried the same treatment as you did. But it didn’t help – in fact, 4 months later my tummy is bigger than ever! I would be surprised if it helps this time.”

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