A round for the new girl

It was my very first Friday at the college and, party girl as I am, I decided to go to the college bar, located in the basement of the college campus building.

When I came down there, the only person in the bar was a friendly bar man working as a bar keeper.

I asked for a glass of red wine – and as I and the bar keeper were the only two people in the bar, we started talking.


He asked about the rural area where I grew up and poured me another glass of wine after I had finished the one I ordered. “This one’s on the house he said”.

I asked him where everyone else was. Where I’m from, there is always lots of partying going on. He explained to me, that here in this city, the party doesn’t start until much later. It was 8 now and he explained the party would usually begin little by little from around 10 pm.

I considered leaving and then coming back later, but I thought, why not simply wait these two hours. Who knows, maybe I’d have an interesting time talking to this barman. Maybe he can teach me more.

Indeed he could.

He asked me if I wanted a Body Halibut as my next cocktail. I had heard of a Body Tequila and had even given one at a party one time – but I had never heard about a Body Halibut. I knew that halibut was a type of fish, but didn’t know anything else than that. I thought, better learn what it is now, before I am a at a big party and embarrass myself by not knowing it then. I decided to say “Yes please”.


The Body Halibut is quite intimate. The bar keeper spread me legs and licked my panties. Of course, this is not much more intimate than a normal body tequila, I guess this is simply a different variant.

However, I was indeed happy I had said yes now instead of later, now I would know to think very carefully before saying yes to this at a party.

I was just thinking I kind of understood this Body Halibut, when the bar man put my panties to the side and licked directly on my pussy. I twitched but didn’t stop him.

He then started taking my panties off. “Excuse me mister, where is this going?” I then finally asked. He continued taking my panties off and then answered. “The Body Halibut is not quite done yet” he said, we still need the main ingredient.

He undid his pants and moved in on me, all the while holding a hand of each side of my hip, preventing me from moving. “Cum – the Body Halibut I’m making for you includes cum that has been inside your own pussy” he then explained and as he did it, he inserted his cock in my pussy.


I was more than a little surprised to learn that they had such an explicit cocktail on the menu. Hell, even the Body Tequila would be unusual to have in a college bar.

He came in my only a few moments later and then he held a glass under my pussy and let the cum drip into it. He poured some vodka and some Sprite in the glass, mixed it with a spoon and handed it to me. “Bottom up” he said.

Just then, when I was lying with cum still dripping from my pussy and having it served to myself as a drink, thinking the situation couldn’t be much more humiliating, a group of 4 college dudes walked in. I immediately sat up and hoped they hadn’t seen me. But it didn’t matter. The barman yelled to them when they came in “This girl’s new in town, why don’t you all buy her a round of Body Halibut’s?”

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