A twist at soccer practice

Warning: This story (not unlike most others on this site) could be considered offensive.

I am the local soccer coach and have the pleasure of training a team of young girls. They’re a pleasure to look at. Take a look for yourself.


Eve just turned 18 and I celebrated that by inviting her to some extra soccer practice. I liked it when we trained throw-ins I also helped her doing push-ups. I told her we needed to make sure she didn’t use her arms while playing and she agreed to have her arms bound.


It was nice having her on a leash.

I also wanted to try something new, to get her to concentrate better. It was a gag. She didn’t understand how that could help with her concentration, but I convinced her to try it out.


After putting the gag in, I pulled her in the leash to the utility room 10 meters away. “Let me show you something in here” I said and she followed me in.

“OK, now put your arm here” I told her and pointed to small goal in the utility room. I led her arm there and before she really realized why or what I was doing, her arms were tied to the goal.


She was now trying to say something in the gag. I didn’t know what she said, but she had not protested when I put the gag on and I could only assume that she wanted me to cut her clothes open.

But first I tied her legs to each side.



As I was cutting away, her young body was revealed in front of me. It was even more amazing than I had imagined.


I cut her shorts and pulled them all the way off, leaving her standing there in just her shirt.


I lengthened the rope for her arms a bit and let her lie down, still tied. I asked her if she wanted me to remove the gag. “You can’t talk, though!” I said. She nodded. “No talking at all, OK!” I repeated. “If you talk, I will have put the gag back in and rape you, so don’t say a word”.

She nodded. I took the gag out and she didn’t say anything.


“Good”. I started taking my own pants off and she got very uneasy now (more than she already was). I reminded her “No talking”.

I sat down in front of her and put her legs up on mine and pointed my cock directly at her pussy. Here eyes were wide open. Her reflex was to ask me what I was doing, but she knew she couldn’t talk.

“Don’t talk” I reminded her again “If you talk, I will have to rape you”

I then put my cock in her pussy.


I assume she was now thinking, that I was now raping her, even though I let her believe that I wouldn’t if she didn’t say anything. However, she willingly let herself get bound and hasn’t protested (since she hasn’t said anything) so how could this even be rape?

I couldn’t keep it in there for a long time, because I was already cumming. I didn’t want to cum in her, so I pulled out just before and came on her stomach. I then took a piece of cloth and wiped away the cum. I untied her arms and gave her what remained of her clothes.

“Happy birthday” I said and went on my way.

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