A vacation job as masseur

Me and my buddy took a vacation job as masseur. It was not the nicest job, most people coming in there were fat, ugly and sweaty. However, it had some nice moments too – like this one.


This lady wanted a full body massage and we were quite happy about the prospect. It would be a pleasure to massage her body and perhaps tease her every now and then.

We massaged her gently and I made sure her butt got a really good massage.


We could even feel that she was getting a little sexually aroused. She was breathing heavily.

“Now” my buddy whispered and he took his cock out. I didn’t know his plan, but thought I wouldn’t leave him hanging and took mine out too.


“Excuse me, what are you doing?” our client asked.

“Well, you booked a full body massage, it includes some sexual stimuli”.

“I … no, I don’t want that!” she argued back.

“Well, you can always cancel your session, of course”.

“OK” she said.

“Just know that cancellations cost $4000 – those are the terms to make sure people don’t make bookings that they don’t use. The amount will be automatically withdrawn from your credit card. Thanks for your business, mam”.

“No wait” she said. “OK, you can continue with the treatment.”

“Great, mam, lie on your back, and we’ll continue”. She turned around and my buddy went straight to her pussy and started fucking her.


When he got too close to cumming, he withdrew and let me take over. We switched like this several times, keeping it going as a tag team.


“Now mam, we’re running out of time, your hour is almost up”.

“OK” she mumbled with a cock in her mouth.

“You want us to come inside or outside”.

“OUTSIDE” she yelled, very sure of her answer. She didn’t want either of us to cum in her, apparently. Well, we did the next best thing and both came in her face.


“There’s a towel over there” my buddy said to her. “Will you send the next one in, please”

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