A week with Padme – Sunday

When I awoke it was like christmas morning. This was the day. I had been promised that I would see the president today.

Same as yesterday morning and when I arrived the day before, I representative of the president came to my room, dropped his clothes and lied down. I knew what he expected. Sex. I had not given it to them the other days, I had just tricked them into thinking it was sex, but I was really just letting him fuck me in the ass instead. Today, however, so close to the finish line, I decided to not take any chances and gave him the real deal.

This time, it didn’t go so quickly, though, and a few minutes later, another representative joined him. I tried my best in servicing both of them.


It must have been 30 minutes before they finally came and I went to take a shower. Of course, I didn’t bother with any clothes when I went out.

Two of the president’s guards were escorting me from my room. They were feeling me up everywhere. First they each grabbed a butt cheek. They changed that to pinching my breast and trying to finger me in my pussy while I was walking. It was really very annoying and quite degrading. I thought to myself that I should just let it go, now being so close to my goal.

I went into the ‘audience’ room again and again I was completely alone. I sat on the couch and rang the bell as I had done yesterday. Soon a guy appeared. No, two guys. Uhm … well, there were two guys in front and then more guys walking in line behind them. All wearing just a loin cloth. I think there must have been around 10 of them.

“You have one more trial before you will see the president.” the first guy said. I kind of figured what the general theme of the test had been. All of my stay, the activities had been pretty single minded so far. “Only one who proves that all of her mind AND body is dedicated to serve Genboo, can be considered to see the president.” the guy explained.

One guy went under me and I sat on his cock as I knew the expected of me. The next thing I had not anticipated. The second guy stuffed his cock in my ass and they both started fucking me.


Why would he intentionally put his cock in my ass. Of course, my pussy was already occupied … It was painful to be filled that much, but I bit my lip and endured the pain. There was no way in hell I was stopping now, after all that I had been through.

When the guy fucking me in the ass came in it, another guy replaced him and continued the fucking just as hard. Same thing happened when the guy under me came. He crawled out and was replaced by another guy. They didn’t care that both my holes were now filled with cum and just continued.

I was already overwhelmed, when something unexpected happened. All the mirrors in the ‘audience’ room were tilted down and revealed what was behind them. The answer is: The audience. This really WAS an audience room after all.

There must have been a hundred people all around me in the room. All looking at me, some cheering, some applauding. Some laughing and pointing when another guy came in my ass. It was when two larger cocks were inside me and I was struggling with keeping my eyes open, when I saw the president among the audience. Smiling politely and clapping.


Another guy came in me pussy and the cum was gushing out of it. I turned around to see how many guys were left and to my dismay saw many new faces. There were still 10 guys behind me, and they were all waiting their turn to get with me.

They continued to fuck me and more guys kept coming in. Some of the audience started leaving now – the show was getting old. The president also left. I must have let 20 or 30 guys cum in me, before I asked: “How long do I have to continue this!?” The guy administering the ordeal looked at me funny. “Have to…?” he repeated. “Well, until you say stop. No one is forcing you”.

I realized of course he was right. No one was forcing me. “Ok, let’s stop now” I said. I let the guys already fucking me finish up and then they left. The guys in the back of the line also left until I was alone with the organizer. I just stayed on the floor. Exhausted. I gasped for breath when I asked the organizer: “So, when will I see the president?”.

The organizer looked at me funny again. “See him? You already saw him. He was sitting right up there the whole time.” I was stunned. “It would be great if you could come back some time. You might see him again.”

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  1. Hi! I’ve been going through the articles, and I can’t seem to view the images on the articles that are older than this one.

  2. Hi Duane – Blogger deleted them long ago, which is why I moved to a WordPress based blog … they might come back up one day, but the good news is, there will keep on coming new stories!

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