A week with Padme – Tuesday

Having discovered yesterday that men change their behaviour if they see a nipple, I would have to investigate this today. I deal in personal relation. Being a princess of a planet is all about maintaining good relationships with as many other planets as possible.

Today I was not going to talk to any ambassadors, though. I was going to test my new assumption, that men change behaviour if they see a nipple. To test this, I went to the big city and I very simply lifted my shirt to expose my tits and waited for the reaction.


It was unmistakable that there was a reaction. At this point I was standing in line at a night club on the planet Taboo. When I displayed my tits, I was moved to the front of the line and let in to the night club almost immediately.

Inside the night club, I was more popular than ever. Each time I displayed my tits, I was offered free drinks and people were really paying attention to me. I was getting a lot of attention from this very simple gimmick.

Although it was a lot of fun to continually expose my tits, it was also becoming a nuisance that I had to consider it throughout the evening in order to continue my experiment. That’s why I changed into something a little more convenient. Something that wouldn’t require me to do anything at all to expose my tits. They would continually be on display, whether I wanted it or not. Which I did.


You would think it would get boring for people to see my tits after a while. But that was not the case. I kept getting a lot of attention and a lot of advantages, such as free drinks and cuts in lines throughout the evening. I believe it is my duty to take advantage of this in diplomatic affairs.

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