A Week With Rachel – Saturday

I thought my wild week was over, but the week doesn’t end at friday. It ends saturday and sunday. That’s why it’s called the weekEND.


I was just having a bit of fun with Monica, a pillow fight, when Phoebe came into our bedroom. She was all excited.

“What’s up, Phoebe” Monica asked.

“Ohh, it’s so exciting, I’ve just learned a new massage move” she said.

Monica liked having a masseur for a friend and always welcomed Phoebe to get some massage exercise on here. Phoebe knew that, and I guess that’s why she had come this morning.

“Just sit back and close your eyes” she said. Monica did and so did I.

I was just having a bit of fun with Monica, a pillow fight. I was completely taken aback of what happened next.


Oh yes, she fisted us. I don’t know how, but she had become really good at it! I guess this really was her new massage move. Not just a stupid joke. Oh, it was so erotic and I was so turned on.

When she was finished, none of us bothered to put our clothes back on.


I just sat back naked in my apartment with a glass of red wine and enjoyed being human for the rest of the day.

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