A Week With Rachel – Thursday

Stupid me. I should know better than to let Phoebe do her stupid tricks on me. Of course, I didn’t believe her when she said she could hypnotize me to feel more liberated about myself. I let her do that last night and when I woke up, I was completely hypnotized. I just got up and walked into the kitchen, without even thinking about what to wear.

That’s when I met Joey and Ross.


It was kind of funny. I realized what was going on. I was conscious. But I couldn’t really react. As Joey is saying, Ross was playing with the thought of taking advantage of the unusual situation to fuck me up the ass. I had never let him do that when we were dating and was definitely not going to let him do it now.

“Hey Rachel, would you mind standing on one leg” Ross then asked. I couldn’t believe what happened next. My leg lifted itself and I was now balancing on one leg. How weird was that.

Ross laughed. “Hey Rachel, would you mind if I fucked you in the ass?”. As he said it, I don’t know what happened to me, but I just said “No, I wouldn’t mind at all” and then laid down on the couch. Ross didn’t waste much time.


I don’t remember anything else from that entire day …

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