An Unexpected Heaven

The last thing I remember was being afraid and holding the hand of the traveler next to me. I was flying from Los Angeles to Seoul when the captain reported engine trouble. He had just assured us it was nothing to worry about when the plane suddenly turned its nose towards the ocean. With thousands of miles to the shore, there was no doubt we would all die, even if we did somehow survive the crash. Which we wouldn’t.

The next thing that happened was that I opened my eyes and found myself in a wonderful house, wearing the most exquisite lingerie, surrounded by attractive men. I was in heaven!


Heaven is not like you would think. Well, most people cannot even imagine heaven and neither could I, but this was definitely not what I expected.

There were no instructions or anything like that, but we just all found ourselves in this situation and there was this sexual wonderful tension. The men were standing around for me to touch and they were also giving me a lot of attention, I felt endorphines flowing through me.


The men did not speak and neither did I, but we didn’t need to, because it was obvious that we were there to just enjoy each other.

I found myself quickly taking advantage of the heavenly circumstances and had hard cocs everywhere I looked and one in my pussy as well. The guilt-free sex, indulging completely, no worries about stigma or pregnancy.


The men in heaven had stamina! That’s for sure.

They would continue fucking me for a long time, like I had never been fucked before. It was no doubt the best fuck I had ever had, but that wasn’t saying much, because I had a lot of bad fucks when I was alive.


Even when I would say I had more than enough, they continued, even to the point that someone was fucking me in the ass as well and having me suck their cock.

The guy fucking me in the ass fucked me hard! It felt good in some way, but it hurt as well. They’re not fucking around in heaven, so to speak.


“Ow, that hurts!” I said and the guy just kept fucking me harder in the ass and he started cumming in me.

Another guy took his place and fucked me hard as well, ignoring the cum that was already there and adding his own.


One of them forced his cock into my mouth while he was cumming.

After they had all cum in or on me, they went to get some lemonade. “Can I have a glass?” I asked and he shook his head. “No, this is not for you” he said.

“Wow, there is hard fucking in heaven, I think I’ll wait a while before I do anything like that again” i said. The guys laughed “Well, you better get ready, the next shift is coming in 5 minutes”.

“What, well I am not in the mood now. This is heaven right?” I asked, confused.

He nodded “Sure is, but this is our heaven. You’re in hell.”

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