Anandi the American – Part 3

Anandi had a lot of fun going out with Linda. She had gotten a little drunk and had some revealing pictures taken, but all in all, she was just happy to have a friend like Linda. Linda was the kind of party girl that she had always wanted to be friends with. Now she just had to learn how to and she felt like she was getting there. She was getting more and more comfortable in the company of Linda and her friends. It involved a lot of risque behaviour but it was also a lot of fun.

When Anandi came to Linda’s house the next day, they played dress-up like they always did and this time it seemed sort of natural that Linda would take pictures at the same time.


Anandi and Linda had fun dressing up as schoolgirls and Linda took pictures of Anandi. It was fun, but at the same time, the pictures reminded Anandi of last night where a lot of other pictures were also taken. “Hey, what about those pictures from last night!?” Anandi asked, when she suddenly remembered.

“Oh sorry, did you want them, I thought you wanted me to delete them so I already did” Linda said. Anandi smiled “That’s good” she said.

“Hey, Anandi, is your pussy shaven!?”

Anandi looked down at her panties and couldn’t understand how Linda could tell. Anandi did indeed shave her vagina for hygienic reasons, but was shy about that fact.

“Yes” Anandi said “But it’s just because … you know …” Anandi was struggling to explain.

“No it’s great, can I see? Move your panties aside real quick” Linda said.


Anandi showed Linda her shaven vagina and Linda snapped a really nice picture.

After this, Linda and Anandi enjoyed a few drinks together and a while later, a couple of friends of Linda came to visit the house. It was Carol and John, a couple that Anandi had also met at the party last weekend.

They had a few more vodka shots and started talking about sexual experiences, men they had fucked and that sort of thing. Anandi was awfully quiet during this conversation and was feeling very awkward from the fact that she was in fact still a virgin.

“How about you Anandi, tell us about a really good fuck you had recently”. Anandi just shook her head.

“What’s wrong – are you a virgin?” Carol blurted out. Anandi was so embarrassed. She emptied her vodka shot and said “Of course not!” (although that was a lie) and she explained that she was just not in the mood to talk about that sort of stuff. Linda rescured her “That’s alright Anandi, you don’t have to tell, it’s none of our business”.

Just at that moment, Linda suggested we got into party mood. Last time she had said that, she had made Anandi give a guy a handjob and this time was no different. “Anandi, why don’t you get us started, I’m sure Carol won’t mind of you give John a nice blowjob.”

Carol supplemented “And I’m sure John won’t mind either!”.

Maybe it was because Anandi was already uncomfortable talking about her (lack of) sexual experience, that she immediately jumped at the opportunity. She had never had a guys penis in her mouth, but knew how it worked and acted as confidently as possible and got on her knees in front of John and started sucking his penis. The considerable amount of vodka shots she in her bloodstream now, may have also helped convince her this was a good idea.


It didn’t taste very good. It tasted kind of sweaty, but once she got started, the taste went away and she actually got a weird sort of enjoyment out of the sounds that John was making. She was happy to be doing a good job and at the same time, happy to prove, once and for all, that she was in fact ‘cool’, that she had plenty of sexual experiences.

Just as she was feeling like she was getting really good at sucking his penis, Linda stopped her “Now now, don’t finish him off just yet!”. Anandi looked up at Linda with a big question mark in her face.

“Are you on the pill?” Linda asked. Anandi knew what pill Linda was talking about and didn’t like where this was going. Anandi shook her head. “No”.

“John, don’t cum in her, OK?”. John nodded “OK” and started taking Anandi’s underwear off from under her skirt.

Anandi, frozen like a deer in the headlight, let her underwear slide down but, still managed to utter a “No”.

“What?” Linda asked “You’re not a virgin, right?”. Anandi confirmed that she was not a virgin. “And he won’t cum in you … so what’s the big problem?” Anandi, not having an answer, found herself on her back with John between her legs, holding his hard cock against her pussy.

As his penis touched her pussy, it felt very good, it was a feeling she had never felt before, not even when she touched herself. Her pussy was dripping wet and whether it was the alcohol, the awkward situation or her sexual excitement, she let him push his penis into her slowly.


John met some resistance when pushing against her pussy, but, besides her being a virgin, his penis slowly but surely went into Anandi’s virgin pussy. Anandi was trying to control her facial expressions, not letting anyone know that it hurt like hell.

Linda must’ve noticed, because she took Anandi’s hand and held it firmly. At the same time, the pain went away and turned into pleasure as John started fucking Anandi.

In fact, it was far too soon, when only a minute later, John pulled out and came all over her pussy and belly.


“You’re welcome” Carol said to Anandi, as if Carol had done her some sort of favour.

The rest of the night was strange. Anandi had had a life changing experience. It was not how she had expected it, but in a way, it was much better. It had felt really good and she actually found herself wanting more than what she got.

It took some time it to sink in (figuratively speaking) but slowly she agreed with herself, that she was definitely going to try this again some time soon.

Spoiler: Her wish will come true.

To be continued …

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