Anandi the American – Part 4

Anandi had an exciting life ever since she met Linda. Last weekend she had sex for the very first time. Not only that, it was with Carol’s boyfriend and it was in front of Linda and Carol. In a way, that made it easier – because Linda was there all the time.

And it had felt great.

But Anandi was conflicted about the whole situation. She had let herself carry away, but it also felt great. She wanted to stay in control more from now on, she felt.

The next Saturday, when she arrived at Linda’s house, it was still just the afternoon and Linda and Anandi had the the rest of the day to kill before party time tonight.

Linda suggested that they sat down and had a few drinks. Anandi was up for that.


They had a nice cold gin and tonic to get refreshed. Mostly gin by the taste of it, but the tonic nicely covered the taste of the cheap gin.

It seemed to Anandi that Linda always had a new guy coming over to her place when they were hanging out and today was no exception. But today Anandi was kind of curious about it, no longer afraid, as such, although she promised herself that she would absolutely stay in control this time, not matter how drunk she got.

Linda, the guy Jerry and Anandi was having a good time and Anandi did not retract when Jerry put his hand on her shoulder.

“Ha ha ha, well, then you should see Anandi’s shaven cunt!” Linda suddenly burst out. Anandi did not know how the conversation ended up there, but she was certainly on the spot.

“Come on, show him – it’s just the three of us here”.


It was not my first time pulling my panties to the side and I thought it would do no harm to repeat it. I pulled my panties aside. Jerry was impressed and so, it seemed, was Linda. Anandi was really getting comfortable with all this partying.

“Here, have another drink” Linda handed Anandi a full vodka shot. “Let’s drink to new experiences.”

“New experiences” they all three said and put their glasses together.

“Would you like to have your pussy licked by Jerry here? He loves doing it, so it’s just great news for us girls. He does it for me all the time”. Linda said.

Anandi couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but was also curious about the idea. This pussy licking did not sound too scary and it would certainly match her ambition to stay in control.

“Go for it” Anandi said!


Jerry was quick to start and he certainly was very good at it, just as Linda had said. Of course, Anandi had nothing to compare with, but it felt very good.

At first it felt just good, but after a while, it changed. It felt different. Her tummy was tingling, her feet were twitching, there was a rush through her entire body as he kept licking her clitoris. All of a sudden, there was a surprised and delightful scream coming from Anandi. Neither Linda nor Jerry had heard a scream like that – but this was the sound of Anandi’s first ever orgasm.

Jerry stopped and Anandi just kept lying down with her eyes closed, breathing heavily, trying to take in the wonderful feeling she had just felt.

In the mean time, Jerry had undressed and lied down behind Anandi, now wriggling his large penis up against Anandi’s vagina from behind.


“Whoa” Anandi said, but didn’t do or say anything else. She thought about it, Jerry had just given her a great whatever-that-is and it was only cool that she let him have his fun with her too.

And that he did – he had fun expanding Anandi’s little pussy, carefully but forcefully testing the waters of Anandi’s pussy. Waters is to be taken literally, as it was still dripping wet from the licking.

It felt really good, but Jerry then started quickening his breath and started cumming. Anandi was in the moment but then realized that Jerry was still having his cock inside her when he was cumming. She yelled “No” and withdrew from Jerry and looked down at his penis, only to discover that he was wearing a condom. “Oh”.

“Ha ha ha ha” Linda laughed as she put her camera phone away “You thought I would him cum in you without a condom – no, Anandi, you can trust me to take care of you.”

Anandi was indeed lucky to have a friend like Linda in this time of new experiences.

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