Anandi the American – Part 6 – The band

Anandi, Linda, John and Carrol had just come home from the boring party and Linda had the great idea that they would have their own fun.

“I know, let’s start a band! We’ll be right back” Linda said and took Anandi’s hand and led her into the bedroom. “Put this on, you can be the lead guitar in the band”.

Anandi started putting the outfit on while Linda was making a phone call. After she hung up, she explained “I just called my friend Martin, he’s a producer for several bands. I think he’ll come play with us tonight.

Anandi was given a guitar and sat in her rockstar outfit, ready to play.


Of course, one problem was, that Anandi has no idea how to play the guitar.

“That’s OK” Linda assured her “It’s all about putting on appearances now with bands, we’ll fix the rest with marketing and studio effects”.

“You look hot in that outfit. Here, have a drink of this” Linda said and handed Anandi a bottle of whisky. Anandi was looking around for a glass. “Come on, just drink from the bottle. No, a big sip!”


Linda and Anandi had fun for a while, playing around and taking pictures of each other – mostly of Anandi, of course.

“Did someone knock on the door?” Carol asked. John got up and opened the front door. It was the producer that Linda had called and another guy.

“Whoa” Linda whispered to Anandi “That is the owner of the production company”.

They went straight to business (and I do mean actual business, not ‘business’)

“We brought you an outfit which may fit the the type of performer we’re looking for” the producer said. They were both wearing suits and it was in no way the relaxing funny time that Linda and Anandi had expected.

Anandi went to the bedroom and changed into the outfit. It was a fun white rockstar outfit.


It came with white boots and sexy net stockings – and even a white guitar. Now Anandi really felt like a rock star.

She was asked to pose in different positions while they took pictures of her. She had become accostumed to a few sexy poses through her sessions with Linda and didn’t think anything of it, when they took a picture of her where they could quite obviously see her panties.


“No, this is no good” the producer then said. The owner was still standing mute behind them, letting the producer do the talking.

On one side, Anandi was offended that she was apparently not good enough, but mostly she was relieved because this sounded like the session would finally be over.

The owner whispered something in the producers ear.

“Yes, we need the trashy chick outfit” the producer said and went to his bag and fished out a different outfit. “Try this one instead”.


After Anandi had put the new outfit on, they took a few more pictures.

“Yes, this is good!” the producer said and looked back at the owner who nodded.

“Let’s go ahead with this” he said. Linda called Anandi over.

“Anandi” Linda whispered to Anandi “they are going to want to get a blowjob from you now!”

“What?” Anandi said, a little too loud. Linda pulled Anandi into the bedroom and explained. “Sorry, I didn’t know the owner would be coming. It’s normal for performers to seal a deal with a blowjob. It would not be good to tell them now that you are not really a professional performer”.

Anandi just looked down.

“It would be best if you just played along – who knows, you might have fun in the process”.

“But the camera…” Anandi said. Linda padded her shoulder. “I’ll take care of that, OK?” Anandi nodded. “Great!” Linda said and took Anandi’s hand, pulled her out back into the livingroom.

Anandi got down on her knees, ready to ‘seal the deal’, as Linda had phrased. The producer and studio owner was quick to understand what was going on.


Anandi had not expected two cocks at once, but she tried her best. It didn’t go on for long because the producer went away and let Anandi focus on her owner of the studio. He lied down and she lied over him, sucking his cock at the best of her ability.

Then she noticed Linda taking pictures of her. She had said she would ’take care of it’. At first she was angry about the pictures, then she understood what Linda was doing. When she took the pictures, she would be in control of them and could delete them, just as she had deleted all the other pictures.


As she continued to suck the studio owners cock, she discovered where the producer had gone. He was coming up behind her, suddenly poking his cock at her pussy.

Anandi looked up, but Linda just nodded at her. “It’s OK” Linda said. Reassured, Anandi let the producer insert his cock in her and he started fucking her.

Moments later, he was fucking her as fast as he could. She had to lie down to give him access while still sucking the studio owners cock.


Despite her limited experience, she could hear that the session was nearing it’s end. Both men were breathing very heavily. She was used to the guy pulling out, but he missed his chance and was now holding her hips, with each stroke getting closer to cumming – finally he grunted and slowed his pace and came in her pussy. At the same time, the studio owner was now cumming in her mouth while she tried to avoid swollowing the cum. The producer went up and put his cum-smeared cock in her mouth, tried to make her lick it. She did it reluctantly, didn’t like much being used as a kleenex.


“Great to do business with you” the studio owner said and put his pants back on. “Yeah, you’ll definitely hear from us” the producer said and winked at Linda.

After they had left, Anandi was just sitting on the bed, looking down, frowning. “What’s wrong?” Linda asked. Anandi pointed to her pussy, where cum was leaking out. “Oh that, don’t worry about that, just take this pill and you won’t get pregnant.” Linda brought her a glass of water and a big pack of pills. “Take one every day and you’ll be completely sure you won’t get pregnant, don’t worry”.

“Every day?” Anandi said “But I don’t really plan to have sex all that much”.

“Naa, maybe not” Linda said “But you seem to keep getting yourself into trouble, better be prepared!”


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