Awkward mom

It was the first time I was at my new girlfriends place. We had just been together for a couple of weeks. We had met in a club and had sex that same night, but hadn’t had a good chance to repeat it since then.

But today seemed to be my lucky day – because my girlfriend told that her parents weren’t going to come home until late that night.


So I started thinking of sex and did what I could to get her in the mood. Whispered a few truths in her ear and gently touched her.


We sat and watched a tv show on the couch for about 10 minutes, laughing together. She got us a glass of juice each and it was good times. At one point I leaned over and kissed her. When she reciprocated, I leant over even more and started getting a little more intense.

Yes, I could feel she was there now, ready, and I pulled her skirt off.


I went between her legs and let my cock rub up against her pussy.


“How are you two doing? Are you OK?”

The voice was a womans voice and it came from above. I looked up and saw what must have been my girlfriends mom. My assumption got confirmed. “Mom! What are you doing here!?”


“I figured I should check out what you two are up to. So this is your new boyfriend?” she asked. The answer was obvious, unless she normally brings strangers home and kiss them on the couch.

“Please to meet you Mrs. Sandler” I said. An incredibly polite introduction, but very strange while still between her daughters legs.

“Get up please” she said “Not you” she said, when her daughter was getting up. She said to her daughter. “Sit on your knees in front of him”. She then guided her head to my cock and had her suck as she lectured us.


“You can’t go straight to fucking, you have to get each other ready first. By sucking it you make it harder and more slippery, that’s what you want.”

“No, not like that” she said to her daughter. What she did next I wouldn’t have believed if I wasn’t there myself. Her mom went down on her knees and showed her daughter how to do it. And she wasn’t kidding, she put it all the way in her mouth.


She was kind of good at it, so I didn’t stop her, and it seemed my girlfriend was in shock as well.

“Now, this is just half of the preparation needed, let me show you the second half, lie on the floor” she said to me. I did as she asked.

She then quickly slipped her panties off from under her skirt and crouched over me. I would have never accepted this, if it wasn’t because she had just sucked my cock.


“Now, work your tongue”. I tried my best. “Yes, yes, you have a good one here” her mom said to my girlfriend. “Mom!” was the only sane response.

“Your turn” she said to her own daughter and then she crouched over me as well. While I was licking my girlfriend, her mom was getting naked as well.

“See, young ones, now we’re both ready, let me see, what is next, oh yes”

She went down on all four. “Put your penis in there”. I looked at my girlfriend who just shrugged her shoulders at this point. I went down behind her and put it in there. Sure enough, it slipped right in.


“See, how nice that is?” she said. I nodded. “Now, are you following what’s happening here, pay attention” her mom said “how else are you going to learn?”

“OK, now it’s play time for you” she said and I thought that this confusing but pleasurable nightmare was about over. But no. She had my girlfriend lie down and me fuck her while she watched and made sure everything went fine.


It sure was smooth. It felt so good. I fucked her real good and was in a weird way happy that it went well, so I could impress my girlfriends mom by impaling my girlfriend very well in front of her.

I started feeling the rush, I was going to cum soon. She was on the pill, so I was going to cum in her, but her mom interrupted.

“Now for a lesson on safe sex, kids” she said “pull out when you’re ready!”

I did and she licked my cock was I was cumming in her mouth.


“They usually like this, and then there is less of a mess to clean up” she said with a practical approach to fucking.

“There, kids, wasn’t that nice”.

None of us said anything until I said “Yes, thanks Mrs. Sandler, it was indeed nice” while I was thinking to myself that it would have been also nice without her and less nightmare inducing.


However awkward this was, I actually told my dad about what had happened. That inspired him to teach us a few extra tricks by fucking my girlfriend, but that’s a story for another time.

…and that’s a figure of speech, only. Not to be continued 😉

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  1. Hooray!

    And now that I have seen the Mom for myself, I have no sympathy for this kid fussing about nightmares. He doesn’t appreciate a good thing!

  2. The day of the week was a perfectly-valid cceonrn. :)Good luck with Library Camp North – maybe it’s time to open up a Library Camp page on the Library Success wiki so people can learn from each other how to plan and host them?

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