Ballerina preparing for her first public appearance

Iwona was invited by her instructor to the privacy of her home, to prepare for her first public performance. So far, she had been practicing at the privacy of the studio. Although she was quite good, she had no experience at all with performing in public.


Here she is, arriving at the house of the instructor. This was her big dream come true – finally moving from practicing to performing in public. She was already 22 years old, a little old for her career to take off, but she was happy it was finally happening.

She took her jacket off and started doing some moves as instructed. Meanwhile, the instructor was taking pictures.


Iwona was asking about why the instructor was taking pictures. He laughed and explained to her, that people would be taking pictures at her public performance too. There was really no reason to worry about these pictures.

This was the time for her to get used to not being so shy.

“Do you have to take a picture of this?” Iwona asked, being shy about all the pictures and the fact that she was semi exposed on some of them.


“You can’t worry about that sort of thing” the instructor explained “you will be doing this a hundred times tomorrow at the performance.”

“I guess” Iwona said.

“What’s important is that the show must go on, whatever happens. Even if, let’s say, your top were to fall down slightly.” the instructor said. “You might as well get used to it here, instead of having it happen to you for the first time in public. Lower your top a little, as it might happen while you are performing.”

Iwona did as instructed, she was used to following instructions from her … instructor. That’s what he is.


SNAP. The instructor took a picture. “What will you need these pictures for?” Iwona said, obviously conscious about the fact that she would be exposed on them.

“These are for you, Iwona” the instructor said “not for you to look at, but for you to get used to being slightly exposed in public. If you worry about every little detail, you will never be able to perform. You will be too nervous. Better get it over with now”

“What will you if your panties slide aside a bit while you make a move?” the instructor said. “Adjust them when I notice, I guess” Iwona answered. The answer was wrong. “No! You cannot be shy about these things. Take off those panties now! You will have to get used to being exposed.” the instrcutor commanded her. “Yes, bend over”.


Iwona did as instructed. She was not only shy about now exposing her pussy to her trusted instructor, but also the fact that he was still taking pictures.

“What are you gonna do with those pictures?” Iwona asked again. “Listen” the instructor said, and paused slightly before explaining “by this time tomorrow, hundreds of people will have snapped pictures while your panties are slightly out of sync with your crotch. Better understand that now, rather than later. Forget about these pictures. Forget about being shy!”

“And when you are interacting with your male counterpart in the ballet and he lifts you up by your inner thighs – and his finger slips close to the opening of your pussy, what will you do then?” the instructor challenged her.

“But …” Iwona tried but was interrupted. “No but, get used to it!” Iwona did as asked of her.


But Iwona still objected. “But that has never happened before, why would it happen in public?”

“Listen, Iwona” the instructor said “I have been in this business many years. Many strange things may happen when you are performing in public. Like … like … something like this!” the instructor said and took his pants off.

“Come on” Iwona said in disbelief “that never happened at one of your shows.”

“Well, maybe not, but the point is that unexpected things may happen – something like this would certainly be unexpected” the instructor said, now without pants.

“What may also happen is that you may accidentally touch the crotch of your male counterpart. Come on, try that out right now by sitting here right next to me and grabbing this.”


“That’s good. Now you’ll also be prepared for that – more than prepared in fact”

Iwona was actually feeling more relaxed now about maybe or maybe not feeling slightly exposed when lifting her leg. In that way she had to admit that the instructor’s unconventional training had worked.

“And now I’d like you to sit on my cock and let your pussy slide down around it” the instructor said.

“Uhm … well …” Iwona was used to follow the instructors instructions and now also used to crossing boundaries, so she did as he asked.


After Iwona slided down on the cock and kind of realized she was basically just fucking her instructor, she asked “Are you sure you are not just doing this because you wanted to fuck me?”.

See, Iwona was not stupid, she had a suspicion something was wrong here.

The instructor replied “Yes, I’m sure, this is all part of your training.”

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