Birthday Surprise from my Wife

I just came back from work on my birthday. My wife met me at the door. “I have a surprise for you” she said, smiling, and dragged me into the living room.


This was very unlike her. She would always give me a normal wrapped present for my birthday and usually it contains some new shirt or something.

Boy was this different. She had set up a massage table in our living room and had a girl there, who was clearly some sort of prostitute. A hot one too. I couldn’t believe it. I would have never asked my wife for a present like this, but amazing that she thought of that idea by herself. What a wife.


“OK, I’ll give you two some privacy” my wife said and left us alone.

I took my clothes off and got under the sheet and the girl started massaging me.


It was not the best massage, but what do you expect. She was not exactly trained in massages as such.

I closed my eyes for a while and then all of a sudden she stopped massaging me. When I looked up, she was standing topless and putting oil on herself. So just in case there was any doubt that she was in fact a prostitute, that doubt was gone now.


She got all naked and then climbed up on the table.

“Time for body to body massage”. Still calling it a massage. Haha.

Indeed she rubbed her slippery body up against me for a while. If I wasn’t hard already, I was not and it created a natural barrier to how far down she could physically slide on me.


She slid up and down on me. Each time she slid up, my penis would fall down and point straight towards her pussy as she slid down again.

A couple of times it would slip up between her cheeks again, but all of a sudden, my cock, slippery from the oil, slipped directly into her pussy. Based on her reaction, I wasn’t sure whether it was fully intentional or whether it was just nature taking it’s course.


I started just straight up fucking her. No pretense of any massage going on.


For every time I let my cock slide into her tight hole, I could her pussy squeeze my cock and I couldn’t hold out long. I knew it had to end and I had enough sense to realize that I did not know if the policy of this girl is to accept a creampie. I decided to err on the side of cumshot.

I got off the table and just as I was cumming on her face, my wife came into the room, screaming.


Clearly acting surprised, I couldn’t understand why, until I noticed the hidden camera. She had been looking for that divorce for a while and found a way to cancel the prenup!


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