That’s my nick name at work. Boobs. Yes, I am big breasted and no, I do not think that’s something I have to hide from people. So I have a cleavage, just as lots of my coworkers do. It’s just – mine’s bigger.


Some times my coworks tease me or plays tricks on me. I know it’s probably from envy and I’m not going to give them the satisfaction of reporting. One time at a costume party with a couple of colleagues (as it turned out, I was the only one who given a costume to wear) some pictures were taken.

Later my two colleagues, Lisa and James, showed me some of the pictures they took. I didn’t realize how transparent the costume they gave me had been.


“It would make a great picture for a calendar” James laughed. “Yeah, how would September work for you?” Lisa said, joining in.

I didn’t find it funny. I didn’t need any more attention on my boobs than I already had.

it was also James that, somehow, at work, snapped a picture of me just as my nipples slipped. He had asked me to lean a little further forward for the picture a couple of times until he suddenly snapped one very revealing shot. I put my nipples back immediately, but the picture was already taken.


“Here we have a good one for February, I think” James said, referring to their calendar joke from before. That is, I hoped it was a joke. This was getting really uncomfortable, James having several revealing pictures of me.

One other time, at an unofficial office party, Lisa went to talk to me and just went James was ready to snap a picture, Lisa pulled a strap in my dress and James got a great picture for his calendar.


I put the dress right back, no one saw anything. No one but James and James’ camera.

Lisa went to my later that day and told me that James had an offer for me. I was not interested, but James sought me out later that day anyway and told me what he had in mind.

I’ll delete the pictures – permanently – if you come to my house and clean it for an entire Saturday.

I left without answering, but later that night, I thought more about his offer. It was quite good. I would be rid of those stupid pictures once and for all.

I called him up and when I arrived the following Saturday, the bastard told me about a little extra condition to our deal – I had to wear a maid outfit – one that he provided.


Well, it wasn’t that bad actually.

I started cleaning.

I thought he would be watching, but he didn’t. In fact, he left the house, leaving me alone there. I was determined to actually clean his house all day and not give him any excuse to run from his promise.

The material of the maid outfit wasn’t too good, though. The strap kept malfunctioning and my boobs fell out. It couldn’t be helped. I couldn’t keep putting them back, or I would have never had time to clean. Since I was alone, I decided to just let them be.


After a while longer, the underwear started itching a lot. And I mean – a LOT! It was unbearable and I had to take them off immediately.


The skirt was long enough to cover me in case anyone came, so I wasn’t too worried about it.

Only later, when James came back I got worried.

“So, do you want to see my home video of you?” he asked. Apparently he had nanny cams everywhere can had recorded the wholething.

“I call it – What Boobs are doing for extra money, how do you like that title?”

I called him idiot and a bunch of other things and left shouting more angry words at him.

The day after I received an email.

Come to my house tonight or I will let everyone see my new home video. I want to take some more pictures of you.


I didn’t want the video published so I accepted the trade. I came to his house and, as expected, he wanted me to pose in different states of undress…


The “dress” was more like a teasing prop and it wasn’t long until he wanted me to take it off.



After the photoshoot, James seemed happy.

“So you’re deleting the video now?” I asked.

“Naa, I like having it around.”

“But you said…”

He interrupted me. “I told you to come to my house or I would show people your video. You came, so I didn’t show it – but there is another day tomorrow.”

“And tomorrow, I want you to have a little accident at work.”

After he explained what he had in mind, the next day I went to work.


Doesn’t look too bad, does it?

Well, at the break, 5 of us, one of them being James, sat in the R&R area and relaxed. James winked at me and I knew it was time.


I did as he had told me to the previous day. Quickly spread my legs, showing my vagina, as if by accident.


A couple of the guys seemed to have glimpsed something from the corner of their eye, but they didn’t really see anything.

This was more a question of James showing to me that he has power over me, I think.

The next day, James had invited me for anothier photoshoot at his house – or so I thought.


I came and wore what he told me. He hadn’t threatened me with anything this time, he didn’t have to. I knew the threat was there.

This time, however, he wasn’t content with just getting me naked. He first started getting all touchy feely and then he started removing his own clothing. Then I knew what he wanted (as if there was any doubt).


After this, he had me over for a few more fuck sessions.


But it didn’t take many weeks before it started escalating.

The first escalation was one time I came to his place and he had one of his friends waiting for me there. “There she is” he said. He basically lent me to him and his friend fucked me several times after that.


After another week, I found two of James’ friends waiting for me at this place.

At first I started sucking both of them off …


But as I suspected, they had planned something else – as I was riding one of them, the other one started moving in on me from behind.


I greased up my butt with some vaseline and started slowly moving his cock into my asshole. I protested at first, but he didn’t really listen and I had no choice but to let him work it in.

Meanwhile I noticed James was standing behind us, taking pictures of the whole thing.


After this day, James told me he wanted me to have another ‘accident’ at work, but this time it would be different, he explained.

He explained the whole thing to me. At first I was sceptical, but then I got an idea and went along with it.

He wanted me to dress up in the same outfit that I had done before at work.

When the break came, we sat in the same couches as before and I did as instructed by James. I started hitting on one of my coworkers. And I mean, REALLY hitting on him – with everyone else watching. I put my hand on his leg. Far up.


He couldn’t resist the attention and was just loving it. I took it a step further, as instructed, and unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock, right there in the middle of the break room, I started sucking his cock.


He was confused, but not about to stop the hot woman he’d had hundreds of fantasies about, from sucking his cock. Everyone else looked on in amazing and some took pictures.

I started taking his pants further down and lost my own underwear. I took his shirt off and in turn took my own off as well, until we were both more or less naked.

He was rock hard. He still sat in the couch and I started sitting on top of him, sliding down onto his cock.


I kept fucking this guy to the cheers of my coworkers. More coworkers were gathering around, looking on as I fucked this guy.

I needed a break and lied down and let him fuck me.

Someone asked half-jokingly “can I be next”. I managed to say something like “no, this is a one time event”.


After 5 more minutes, he started cumming in me. He sort of asked me with his eyes whether it was OK and I just smiled at him. After he came in me I lied back on the couch.

I started putting my clothes back on and asked one of my coworkers “What time is it?”

“1.55” he said after looking at his watch.

“Oh”, I said “then the break is almost over”… I put on the rest of my clothes and went back to work as if nothing had happened.

James came to my desk and said “wow, that was great, let’s do it again tomorrow, I want to be the one this time.”

“No” I just said. “No?” he said, as if he didn’t hear me. “What are you going to do?” I asked him “You’re gonna show some nipple slips or what? I just fucked someone in front of the entire office. You have no control over me any more”.

James stood dumbfounded with nothing to say.

“I win!” I said.


James never did publish the pictures he took of me. He didn’t want to implicate himself. So in the eyes of my coworkers, this was just one crazy afternoon.

My boss told me they had no rule against this, but that they would introduce it immediately and so he didn’t want me fraternizing with coworkers in public. I nodded and left his office.

I never stopped wearing clothes with insane cleavages. I like to drive people crazy.

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