Born in the spring

I take a lot of pictures and put them on Flickr – I like to take nature pictures and pictures of people on the street. I also had the pleasure of working freelance for a few newspapers, getting photos for events near my home.

imageOne of my friends from work, he’s chinese, stumbled on the pictures and must’ve really liked them, because he assumed I was a professional.

“Very nice pictures. Do you also work on movies?” he one day asked. I thought it was funny, because I only do it as an amateur and am no where near working on a movie set. I thought he was joking and I played along with it.

“Sure, all the time, in fact we’re soon shooting a movie, do you want to be in it!?” I asked, laughing. He didn’t get the joke, though, it seemed.

"Really!? No, but my sister would really like to be in movie. Please, please, can you help her?”

I backed out then, I didn’t want to tell him I was just kidding, I guess he doesn’t take a joke. “No, not really possible, we’re already full” I said.

“Please, please! If you only give my sister one chance, I will give you 100 big buck!” he then pleaded.

“Ha ha, well thanks” I said “But I really, I can’t, you see …” I was just about to explain to him that I was just joking, when he interrupted me. He held 300 dollars in front of him. “Here, take it, please! Just give my sister big chance. My birthday present for her!” he said.

I didn’t take the money, but he stuffed it in my breast pocket. “Here, you take it, you help my sister” he insisted.

It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. “OK, I’ll give her a shot – but no promises, OK?”

“Thankyou!” he said “Yes I know, no sure thing, I know, I know”.

We agreed that I would arrange for his sister to get a fair shot at the movie that didn’t really exist.

Later that week, when his sister arrived, I saw that they looked nothing alike. His sister was actually kind of … sexy … ?


She came in and looked all confused. She bowed down and smiled and giggled and was very humble.

“OK, do you speak English?” I asked her. “Yeees” she responded.

“OK, good. Now, we should probably get started, I’ll take some pictures so the casting agent can consider you for the role”

“Yeees” she responded, and I started taking pictures. I gestured with my hand for her to turn around. I didn’t know why she kept holding her own pig tails, but it was kind of cute.


Of course, the aforementioned casting agent didn’t really exist. I just had to go along with it now. I had already taken the money and I had to at least put on a good show.

I took some pretty good pictures and took a break. “Do you want me to take more pictures?” I asked “Yeees” she responded. “OK, good, I have a different outfit in this bag, you can change in there” I said and pointed to the bathroom.

She came out a few minutes later in a very short skirt. I hadn’t realized just how short that skirt was when I picked it out at the flea market. But she wore it well.


She stood a little nervously and moved a bit from side to side as I took pictures. I figured it could be fun to have her hold her own pigtails again, maybe it could be like her thing or something.

I gestured that to her and she smiled and relaxed a little more. She played around a little and at one point I got a good picture of her while she was leaning a bit forward. She had some nice little boobs.


“OK, good. Now, don’t move around so much. Please stand straight up” I told her. “Yeees” she responded.


“And turn around” I said. When she did, she instinctively leant towards the wall. As she leant forward, her short little skirt exposed her panty clad ass. Whoa, that was a hot sight.


I stopped for a moment and stared at the preview in the camera. It must have been for a long time, because she interrupted me. “Yeees?”

“Yes, it’s good. No worries” I said “OK, I guess that’s good for now. Take that bag and put the next outfit on”

She left into the bathroom and after a short while I heard her calling “Yeees” from in there. I thought she needed help – when I came in, she was in her underwear. “Oh sorry, my mistake” I said and left again. Then I saw the bag with the clothes hanging on the outside.


“Ahh, here’s the clothes.” I took the bag and handed it to her through the door without looking. She took the bag from my hand and closed the door.

She came out and I helped her get rid of the pigtails, I thought I would see how she looks without. I led her to the kitchen. I figured it would be interesting with a different setting for the next photo shoot. I was thinking to myself that she was actually quite good on pictures. I was thinking for a moment to actually find a casting agent for her and maybe even get something for finding the talent.


I took a few pictures but it was not very interesting. I had picked out the clothes randomly for her. I figured it would be better with her shirt off and just in her top. After the bathroom incident, I figured she wouldn’t mind.

“Please, take your shirt off, that’s OK, right?”

“Yeees” she responded, sat down on the chair and took her shirt off.


She inadvertently exposed her panties in her short denim skirt when she took her shirt off. I got some really nice pictures of it. She was quite oblivious to it. Not much self awareness going on there.

I took a few picture of her in the denim skirt and her bra. It was OK, but the combination actually didn’t look that good. I remembered the sight I had caught of her in her underwear when I saw her in the bathroom and thought she looked really good. If I were to present her to any casting agent, I figured I would need some pictures in her underwear.

“Can you take the bottom off too?” I asked, referring to her skirt. She didn’t do or say anything. I didn’t really know what that meant. Maybe she didn’t want to. Maybe she didn’t understand me. “Can you do that?”

“Yeees?” she asked. “Yes” I confirmed. “I mean, if that’s OK with you.”. I waited and it seemed she made up her mind. “Yeees” she said and started pulling her underwear off from under the skirt. Ahh, that’s why she hesitated! She thought I mean ther underwear. I was just referring to her skirt.


However, I couldn’t stop her now. Well, maybe I could, but I certainly didn’t want to.

She was struggling a bit with the underwear. Probably because she was a bit shy. Maybe because she was shy, she turned her back towards me. However, it didn’t have the effect she’d hoped for, because it gave me and the camera a clear view of … everything.


She finally got them off and then posed around for a few more shots. I could sense she was uncomfortable, so I ended the session.

I gave her back her clothes and she went to change. However, when she came out of the bathroom, she had changed into one of the other outfits that I had left in there.


I figured she must have been ready for another session or perhaps she just didn’t understand that I thought the session was going to be over.

Alright, another series can’t hurt, I thought. Although I already had some good pictures for the casting agent – AND some good pictures for myself to look at late at night.

After a few pictures I asked her as before to take her shirt off. She hesitated again. “Just like before” I said, calming her, reminding her that she had already taken her shirt off in the last photoshoot. “Yeees” she said.

She started pulling her shirt down and I realized immediately why she had hesitated. She wasn’t wearing a bra!


Oh boy. Now I had accidentally pressured her into taking her panties off in the last photoshoot and no I had her topless! I hoped she hadn’t noticed the accident before, but now that her top is off, there is really no way – I was for a moment worried what my colleague might say when he heard about it, but I soon forgot all about that.


She was extremely sexy, the way she was holding her skirt down, all topless. She probably didn’t even know how sexy she was, which made it even more so.

“OK, good” I said, reassuring her while taking pictures. I gestured her to turn around. “Yeees” she responded and started pulling her skirt down. Apparently she had misunderstood me.


She posed a bit more in her pants, until I decided to let it end. “OK, Done” I said. “Yeees?” she asked. “Yes” I confirmed “It’s OK, Done” I said again.

She nodded slowly and then took in a deep breath and started pulling her underwear off.


She was now all of a sudden completely naked in front of me. My cock almost exploded. She was holding a hand in front of her pussy, but only for a short while, until she hesitantly let it go and tried to get used to being naked in front of the camera.

“Yeees?” she said, asking for reassurance. “Yes, good” I said.

She sat in the nearby bed and put a pillow in front of her.


It was a cute sight, but I couldn’t help it – I asked for the pillow and grabbed it, leaving her with nothing to hide behind.


That’s when I thought of a really fun idea that would perfectly fit the whole setup.  A lollipop. The pigtails of the candy kingdom. I gave it to her and she sucked on it. It made her relax a bit more.

I got an amazing picture of her as she was sucking her lollipop and just relaxing.


At this point I was getting very rock hard and started caring a little less about – anything. I paused for a moment. I then said “Do you mind if …” then I stopped myself and thought the sentence through and then asked. “Can I join you in the bed?”.

She looked very surprised. “Yeees?” she asked. “Yes” I said. Then she giggled and said “Yeees”. I didn’t waste any time. I got naked and jumped right at her. She was already wet and I was more than ready.


I put her on top of me, left the camera in the bed on the ‘auto’ function and let her ride me.


I couldn’t keep going for long before I started cumming. I pushed her off and then came all over her face.

After I’d cum I realized what I was doing. I had just fucked and cum all over my colleagues sister. I didn’t even know her. One thing really led to another!

I realized then also, that I didn’t even know her name.

“By the way – what’s your name?” I asked.

“My name is Chun. I guess you figured by now, that I’m a member of the yes girls society”?


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