Bottomless mystery girl

I arrived by plane to Hungary for a business meeting. I was meeting a business associate and was invited to his house. Just after I had arrived at his house, he got a phone call.

“Really? Is it serious!?” I could hear him say on the phone.

“Sorry, I gotta go” he said “There is a problem in the office – I am so sorry, but I’ll have to leave you here for a couple of hours. Feel free to take shower”. He left and I was left in a strange house whereof I had seen nothing but the entrance.

“Can you help me take my shoes off?” I heard from the living room. I could see a woman looking up from behind the couch. “I can’t reach” she said. “Sure” I said and went to take her shoes off.


When I turned to greet her, I was shocked at the sight that me me. I hadn’t been able to see when she was behind the couch, but to my great surprise, she was wearing nothing but a bra.

“Whoa” I said, out of instinct.

“Whoa what?” she asked, oblivious to the fact that she was more than half naked.

I decided to play it cool and let her be herself in her own house. “Whoa … that was a long flight” I said. We small talked for a while.

I went to see if I could find some food and she kept talking around in just her bra as if it was the most natural thing in the world. What do I know, I have never been to Hungary before. Maybe it IS normal here.


After I had a sandwich, getting used to the fact that a girl was walking around bottomless in front of me, I decided to go take a bath. It turned out, they only had a tub, so I went for that – but it wasn’t quite working.

“So you need any help?” I heard a voice ask. It was the girl.

“The water is not coming, what’s the trick?”


She came to the tub and opened the faucet. Apparently you have to turn it the opposite way in this country.

“See, just like this – there, let me run the bath for you.”

After there was a bit of water and foam in the tub, she took a spunge and dipped it, she then handed it to me. “If you don’t mind, could you give me a quick bath with this?”


I certainly didn’t mind, but I honestly didn’t know what to do. Give her a bath? With that?

I started rubbing the spunge on her, hoping this was what she meant.


“This is no good” she said. “I’ll just jump in the tub first, I need a real bath, I think” she said.


“I thought you needed a bath too” she said … waiting awkwardly, looking at me until I replied.

“Yes I did” I said. She just looked at me as if she couldn’t understand the logic of why I said I needed a bath but didn’t take one. I decided take the bath I had said I would and started undressing.

While I undressed, so did the girl, taking her bra off.


When she looked up, she found me standing there quite naked – she might not have expected to see me having a giant boner. I realized I was taking quite a chance. These hungarians might be used to being naked in their homes, but perhaps they look differently at it when people are obviously aroused.

“Whoa” she said …


“I know” I said – not really knowing what I meant, except maybe yeah, whoa, this is weird.

“You’re in the mood?” she asked.

I nodded, pretty sure which mood she was referring to.

“Well” she just said and got up on the bath tub with her knees and her back to me, leant forwards and just said “Go ahead, could be fun”.

I agreed and started pushing my cock into her from behind.


It sounded like she was getting as horny as I was, because she was moaning loudly.

I didn’t know if she would have anything against me cumming in her, but I decided that if she did, she would have told me – I surely wouldn’t know that it was implied.


I fucked her harder and harder and she moaned louder and louder. “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes”, repeating the same thing over and over again. I could then hear she was cumming and at that point it becamse too much for me too so I started cumming in her.

I slowed my pace gradually until I came to a halt. “Thanks” she just said and went in the tub.

I decided to skip the bath. I put my clothes back on and went back to the living room. A little later, the girl came walking naked into the living room and stood by the kitchen, not really doing anything else than being naked.


That’s when I heard the door open. My business associate was coming home. When he entered the living room he saw the naked girl.

“Whoa” he said. “I do apologize on behalf of my wife”.

He turned to her and said “Dearest, put on some clothes! You wouldn’t to give our guest the wrong idea!!”

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