Boys in my room

I should have listened to my mom. I know that now.

She told me very strictly that I was not supposed to have boys in my room at night. She said it in such a way, that she did not have to threaten with something if I did it.

But I didn’t listen to my mom and one evening smuggled a boy into my room.


I was already in my night wear but was bored and wanted a guest. I told him to be very quiet, otherwise my mom would hear us and I would be in big, BIG trouble.

We had a nice time, talking and laughing – but all of a sudden I discovered that we were receiving some more guests.


Apparently my friend had invited some of his guy friends.


Now there were not just one but three boys in my room. I stressed to all of them to be very quiet. I didn’t want to tell them to leave, because then they might be angry, coming all this way to be turned away at the door – and then they would not be quiet. And then I would be in big trouble.

We had a good time, though, whispering to each other, making sure my mom wouldn’t know I had guests.

But then the mood changed when one of the boys, probably as a joke, said that if I did not have his cock in my mouth within 10 seconds, he would scream.

I don’t know if he meant it as a joke, but I did NOT want my mom to know they were here, so I couldn’t risk it. I had to put his cock in my mouth. The other boys repeated “me too” and took their cocks out too.


I put each of their cocks in my mouth, making sure I got around to all of them within intervals of 10 seconds.

I had no time to really think. I just knew that I didn’t want them to make a noise. They knew that too, because they were not saying anything while I had their cock in my mouth, but when they felt neglected, they started clearing their throats in a loud manner, to indicate that they might make a real noise soon.

“No” I whispered as loudly as I dared, when one of the boys yanked my shorts down.


“Shh” one of the boys just said to me and hinted in the direction of the door with his eyes.

One of them went behind me and started fucking me. I couldn’t struggle and I couldn’t tell them to stop.


“My turn” one of them whispered and went behind me. He also fucked me, but after a short while he lifted me up and sat down on the couch and put me on top of him.

he moved me up and down while I was sucking the two others off.


As if it wasn’t already challenging enough to keep quiet, this idiot did something that would make it infinitely more challenging. He started pushing his cock into my ass hole.

“Dude, the lubricant” he whispered to one of the other boys. “Shh” he responded and handed him a lubricant. He applied it on my ass hole and his cock started entering my ass. It hurt like hell. I don’t think a cock is supposed to go in there. It certainly doesn’t feel like it.


But I stayed quiet. I even almost felt that I fainted.

I figured the toughest part would be over, but I was wrong. Well, the cock was running a little more smoothly up my ass now, kind of a weird, good feeling, actually – but then another dude got an idea he felt was really great.

I felt like he was pushing his luck.

He started fucking my pussy while the other guy still had his cock up me ass! Can you believe it!?


I was rocking around on the cock in my ass while being fucked in my pussy. That’s when the guy in my ass started saying weird sounds. The two other guys went “Shh” and he stopped – but what he didn’t stop was cumming in my ass. The guy fucking me in my pussy sped up and moments later he came in me too.

The third guy put his cock in my pussy as well and fucked it with the other guy’s cum gushing out at the same time.

The boys left me that evening and I never invited them back again.


Unfortunately it was rumored in college what happened and people never really looked at me the same any longer. But the good news is, my mom never found out I didn’t obey her … and at the same time, from that day forward, I realized the wisdom of my mom’s words.

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