Bride and brides maids having photo fun

“Wow, that’s a great picture, I think we got everything we need now” the photographer said and handed the camera back to Elissa and her two brides maids.


They took the camera back. They had had their pictures taken for 30 minutes and now it was all over. It was a day that the brides maids had looked forward to for weeks. And Elissa had probably looked forward to it her entire life.

Without knowing it, all three friends had the same empty feeling in the stomach.

When they came home, it was Latasia that put up the camera and suggested they took a few more pictures, just for fun.

They poured a glass of champagne and snapped a picture. “Cheers” they all said instinctively when the picture was taken.


“Ha ha, that was so much fun. Hey, the picture is great” Latasia commented and showed it to the others.

“Hey!” she yelled “We should take a picture of that girdle you’re wearing! It cost £150, it’s the most expensive girdle you’ll ever wear, it should be on the picture”. Elissa lifted her dress a bit and the timer on the camera took a picture.


“Ha ha, that is so much fun” Latassia exclaimed. “Y’know, these pictures will probably be more fun to see than the professional ones we did out on the location”.

The two other girls nodded.

“What’s next?” Elissa asked, obviously liking the idea.

“I got it – you got the text ‘true love’ stitched on your underwear. We should get that in the camera too” Latassia suggested.


Elissa turned around and lifted her dress a little. Her two friends posed in front of her stitched underwear and made funny faces.

Latassia went to see the picture. “Awesome” she stated.

Elissa asked Latassia “Is my butt showing through the panties?”

“Well” Latassia said and paused. Then Elissa knew the answer and they both laughed. “Well, sort of, but we can always delete it or photoshop it – let’s just have fun for now!”

Elissa nodded. “Latassia, your corset was like £85. It looks great on you, but you can’t really see it.” Latassia started taking her dress off. “Yeah, let’s have an underwear shot!”

Her two friends followed her and soon after, they were snapping a fun underwear shot and enjoying looking at the picture together.


“Look” Latassia laughed, you landing strip is showing through your panties. She pointed to Elissa on the picture.

Elissa laughed louder “Ha, well your nipples are almost falling out!” she said. “No they’re not!” Latassia objected, without really looking at the picture.

Just to be right, Elissa pulled down Latassias corset and her breasts popped out. “Yes they are!” she then said, laughing.


“Ha ha, well so are yours!” Latassia yelled and grabbed Elissa’s corset. Soon all three girls were having their boobs hang out.


Elissa stopped for a moment when she saw the picture. “Guys, we have to remember to delete these pictures!” she said. “Those are my boobs too!” Latassia said “and the world is not ready for them!”. Latassia reaffirmed that she would delete the pictures.

“But first – let’s get some nice butt pictures.” Latassia said and turned her ass to the camera. “Like this” she said and lowered her own panties to her thighs and laughed. “That’s a butt!”

Her friends followed.


“Let’s give the camera the full moon!” Latassia yelled, very excited about the whole situation. The two other girls didn’t know what that was and just followed Latassias lead, until they were all three on their knees, mooning the camera.


The girls were enjoying some more time posing for the cameras. They just did lots of crazy stuff. Whatever came to their mind.


At one point, they had fun carrying each other by the legs, getting some great provocative and exciting pictures taken. They were all caught up in the moment.




All the girls were entoxicated by each other, the excitement and the nudity. They were touching each other, and although they weren’t normally gay, they couldn’t help but get aroused.

They started kissing and hugging and carressing each other. They were lying in the bed and was slowly getting each other to an orgasm.


After cumming they all fell asleep holding each other. They awoke several hours later at the sound of Latassia making tea. “Tea’s ready!” she yelled and carried the tea into the room on a tray.

“What a night!” Elissa said and the two other girls giggled. “Ohh, the pictures!” Elissa said. She took the camera and started deleting pictures while looking over each picture with the other girls, giggling each time.

After 10 more minutes of giggling, all the naughty pictures were gone, except for a few of the first ones, where they were just showing the girdle and such.

And then of course the picture that Latassia saved while the others were still sleeping.


She had cropped out the others and kept this picture of Elissa as a memory of a fun night – and perhaps, one day, as some sort of leverage. It might come in handy.

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