Camping with my boyfriend

My boyfriend Jim and I went camping together with two of his friends. It was clearly going to be a fun weekend, Jim and his two friends, Joe and Jack, are all full of fun ideas.

“Let’s get in the lake” Jim would suggest and pull me in. There was no space here to be a bore.


Here I am with all three of them. We would do some fun pictures.

“You stand in the middle” Joe said as he pinched my butt, all in good fun.


Joe and Jack were really naughty boys, when the next picture was taken, they both just pulled my bikini top aside and laughed. Jim, my boyfriend, didn’t even notice it at first.


When Jim noticed what shenanigans they were up to, he just joined in, he was not one to shy away from a little fun-loving naughtiness.

All three of them starting pinching my breasts and nipples.


This was just half an hour after we arrived at the camping place, but it was going to be an indicator of how the rest of the weekend was going to play out.

Just to give you an understanding of what Joe and Jack was like, not to speak of Jim, they would all the time be a little touchy feely, like here, a few hours later, when I’m going to take a rest and my boyfriend and Jack is hovering around me and they take their cocks out.


Of course, I don’t mind giving my boyfriend a blowjob now and then – what are girlfriends for, am I right? But I was uncomfortable with how comfortable Jack was resting his dick on me and also his hand was creeping up towards my crotch.

The commotion attracted Joe and now they were all hovering around me while I was giving my Jim a friendly blowjob.


Meanwhile Jack put his one hand on my breast, the other in my crotch and his dick on my tummy.

Jack started pulling at my pants, slowly sliding them off. Once they were off my butt, Jim helped take them all the way off and Jack started working on my panties.

I guess this was going to be more than a nice blowjob among friends.


I am not a prude or anything. Of course, going camping with three young dudes, I should expect a few gangbangs to take place and that’s a lot of fun, but I did think they were a little eager for my taste, already being at it after just a few hours here.

If I didn’t know any better, I would think that this was one of their main reasons for inviting me and even for going on this trip in the first place.

Jack shoved his cock in my pussy from behind. At least I think it was Jack, I’m not sure, because another cock was in my mouth. This wasn’t cheating or anything, because Jim was right there, so I think it’s just fun and games, even if I would have liked to get to know Jims friends a little more before taking their cocks in my pussy.


Two is company and three is a crowd. I remember that Joe was impatiently shoving his cock in my face, while Jack was fucking me and Jim was having me blow him.

However, the problem solved itself after a short while when Jack started cumming in me and Joe took over. He didn’t mind the sloppy seconds.

In a way I was impressed with how relaxed my Jim was about his friends fucking his girlfriend, but in another way I would also have wanted him to maybe be a little more jealous and protective of his girlfriend. Anyway, as I said, a few gangbangs is to be expected on a trip like this, but it just seemed like that’s all they wanted to do.


After all three of them released their load in me, they left me in peace for a few hours.

I relaxed without putting my clothes back on in the unseasonably warm weather. The boys did the same strutting about as god made them plus a lot of workout.

“Why don’t we go for a picnic” Jim suggested and awoke me. The three of them were ready to go, had the picnic blanket and everything and were just waiting for me.

“Sure, let me just get dressed” I said.

“Your clothes got a little stained, so we washed it, it’s drying right now. Anyway, we don’t need clothes, nobody is going to be coming to this desolate area, we can be free to do what we want” Jim told. I was thinking that they were certainly taking full advantage of their freedom.

We went without clothes and put the picnic blanket. We ate a few cracker and lied on the blanket, enjoying the sun. Joe was behind me and at one point I felt his hand on my pussy from behind.


“Here we go again” I thought to myself and I also apparently said it out loud because the guys giggled.

And as I said, I’m not a prude, but it had just been a few hours since the last gangbang and they were already getting ready for another. Did they have no other activities planned for us this weekend or what?


Jim put his cock in his favorite place again – in my mouth – and made me suck it. Jack was again waiting as the third man, just grabbing my boobs to stay interested.

Despite being the center of attention I did start getting quite tired from this, but the good part about my role in a gangbang is that I can actually lie back and relax for a while without spoiling anyone else’s fun. Jack was enjoying his alone time in my pussy.


“No time to be sleeping now” Jack said and flipped me over so I was riding him and still in position to suck Jims cock.

I didn’t understand why at the time, but Jack was for some reason pulling my butt cheeks apart while I was riding him. Seemed unnecessary, but moments later I realized what they were up to. Something to do for the third guy.


Joe pushed his cock into my ass. Or rather he tried. It was really tight and he never really got in there. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I was actually an anal virgin at the time and there was no chance they were going to push through like that in one session.

Joe didn’t give up though and it sort of worked out for him, at least enough to keep him hard.


I couldn’t believe my boyfriend Jim would let someone else take my anal virginity.

I say boyfriend about Jim, but actually I don’t know if Jim views it the same way. We hadn’t known each other very long and this was actually our first date.


We broke up shortly after, in fact we never had a second date, but they still invited me for gangbang sessions. I thought it was kind of strange that they would invite me for gangbangs when I’m not even Jims girlfriend any longer, so I only rarely accepted their invitation.

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