Candid Camera

It was a candid camera show like none other. They put people in unthinkable situations and then as a social experiment, they would just sit back and see what happens.

When a guy supposed to be delivering groceries, he saw this instead.


She was of course a staff member on the show and her role was to not say anything and not do anything.

Then we would see what would happen.

“Are you OK” he asked and the shows producers thought he was going to untie her. There were partly right, but they didn’t see the subtle sign, that he was touching her uncomfortably close to her pubic region.


When she didn’t respond, but didn’t protest either, he perhaps figured she set this up like this – which was true! So he figured, why not go ahead and try to do some stuff and see if she stops you.

He pulled her panties down and started fondling her pussy, while he checked for a reaction. Nothing. She was staying on script.


Then, all of a sudden, he chose to untie her. Well, partially, as it turned out. He just untied her legs and kept her arms still tied.

The producers were waiting to see what he would do next.


It turned out he just untied her legs to get her panties off.

Kind of considerate – he could have just yanked them off quite easily.

Then he started taking his own clothes off as well.


He started nudging his cock up against her pussy. She still didn’t react. They hadn’t talked about how far they would take this, but they all knew the default was “See what happens” so she would be ruining the whole event if she reacted.

He gently pushed his penis further until the head was now inside her pussy opening.


He moved it slightly out and slightly further in, several times. Kind of testing the waters.

Then, suddenly, he did one big thrust and started pushing his cock all the way inside. For the first time, the girl couldn’t help but react. But she tried to keep reaction as limited as possible.


Then, just a few thrusts later, he started moaning and then he came in her in 5 big thrusts, pumping all of his cum into her pussy.

She looked at the camera for just a moment, but then looked way, so as to not ruin the event.

He pulled out and got dressed. Then asked “Want me to untie you or anything?”. As she was supposed to, she did not respond. He shrugged his shoulders and then started leaving.

But before he left, he made a phone call. “There is this call who I guess wants to be fucked. If you’re up for it, just give it a try. I will text you the address” he said on the phone “and tell your friends”.

The producers took this as a sign that the experiment was not over yet. And rightly so, just 10 minutes later, a couple of guys stopped by and found her bottomless and tied to the bed, motionless but conscious.

“I guess we’re getting the sloppy seconds – and thirds” he said. The other guy went “I’ll take it”.

Before the two guys were even done, more guys were coming. Some of them just fondled her breasts and others just left, disgusted. But many of them shrugged their shoulders and fucked her as well and came in her.

The producers later put a narrative on the show saying that this could have turned out completely different, based on what the first guy did. He could have untied her and helped to put on some clothes. Instead he decided to take advantage of the situation. The rest were almost just consequences of his actions.

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