Caught fantasizing about Emma

Emma was the sexiest girl I had even seen, met or even heard of. I met Emma when I lived with my brother and his wife for a couple of months. Emma is a friend of my brothers wife and she tends to hang around their house. I lost my job recently and needed a place to stay, which meant I had lots of time to hang around their house too. I loved when Emma stopped by. She was the prettiest girl imaginable.


On this day, she wore a skimpy dress where I could just about make out her bra and panties under the dress. Incredibly sexy.

“OK, I’m gonna go on a little shopping spree for a couple of hours” she said to me “I guess you’ll have the house to yourself for the next few hours. See ya later”.

After she had left, I was left alone in the house. The picture of her sexy body was still in my mind and I had a raging hard-on. I wanted to look for jobs online, but I couldn’t think with the thought of her constantly messing up my focus.

I decided I had to relieve the pressure and then I would be able to think of other stuff, so I sat comfortably in the usual place where I sat when I was alone in the house.


However, just as was in the middle of attacking my one-eyes purple-headed warrior, I was startled by the fact that Emma was suddenly standing in front me, giggling.

“Are you being your own best friend?” she asked me.

I didn’t respond.

“Or are you just building upper body strenght?”

Despite the embarassing situation, I couldn’t help but give off a little smile.


“Sorry” I said “I thought you were gone for a couple of hours and decided to clean my rifle”.

“Ohh, ha ha well, sorry to be home early.” She saw that the TV was off. “Do you normally crank your love pump without any visual aids?”

I didn’t respond as such, not with anything else than a “Well …”

She asked again “Do you drain the monster without porn? I thought most men would only fiddle the flesh flute while watching some kind of porn”.

“Yeah but …” I couldn’t tell her that SHE was in fact the reason why I freed Willy and gave myself a low five.

“But what?”

Given my situation I couldn’t think of anything else than just tell her the truth. “But I was actually thinking of you. You looked so sexy that when you left, I just had to make the bald man puke”.

“Oh really” she started giggling even more “I am so sorry, so I sort of caused you to pump your python? I … don’t know what to say. And then I came home early on top of that. Oh my, this is all my fault”.

“Allow me at least to help you out then, that’s the least I can do” she said and climbed onto the arm of the chair and started gently giving me the secret handshake”.


“I hope you don’t mind that a squeeze your cheese dog” she said while taking matters into her own hands.

She also went a little further than that and to my great surprise, she started leaning down on my dick and started licking and sucking it.

As she was leaning down, her dress started falling up, revealing her very skimpy panties from under her dress. They were so sexy. As she was sucking my cock, I thought I could cum right then and there, but I made sure I didn’t.


While she was leaning over, I found the strap in her panties and pulled it. It was made into a little bow which made it very easy to untie. After pulling it, her panties fell to the ground as almost nothing more than a single string.

“Ohh, you naughty boy. I guess I know what you’re thinking of” she said “Now, with all of this being my fault and all, I guess the polite thing would be to give you what you want” she smiled.

She got up and I pulled my own pants all the way off. She went on the chair with one leg on each side and started positioning herself over my cock. She wiggled her wet pussy down on my cock that was already wet from her own saliva. It slid in after a couple of trys and we were now working together to make it go all the way to the bottom of her pussy.


“This beats doing wrist erobics, doesn’t it?” she asked. I laughed.

“Sure does, this is much better than going on a date with Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters.”

She turned around and tried to get all the way down on my cock. She spread her legs wide and I eased her down on my cock with my hands until she was all the way down on my cock.


Now she was really riding the baloney pony.

“How do you like getting a hot beef injection?” I asked her.

“It’s been a while since anyone has parted my red sea” she said. “Oh yeah, take my temperature!”

It felt so good, her sliding up and down my rod. “Oh my …” I said and she knew the jizz was up. “No wait” she said, but that’s like asking a dog not to chew a bone. I started cumming in her and she kept fucking me. Just before I became completely limp she came too and squeeled like woman cumming.

“Wow” she just said.

I agreed with her. “Yeah, wow … I never thought this would happen when I started masturbating today”…

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