Caught stealing office supplies

“Brittney speaking”


“That’s true but …”

“Well, yes, but …”

“But …”

That was how it sounded when Brittney got the call from her boss. Yes, she had been caught printing out party invitations for a private party on the printer in the company. A.k.a. stealing. A dismissible offense. Well, the offense is not dismissible, the person committing it is.

“But boss…”

Her boss, Wally Davidson, was not going to let this one go, perhaps because he was not invited to that party. Wally continued until it was clear to Brittney that her job was on the line. She started whimpering a little, but then Wally gave her a way out.

Brittney was the regional manager of a paper clip company, overseeing a staff of 12, mostly consisting of sales people, a few customer support staff and an HR rep.

“I have to do what?”

Brittney started slipping her skirt off and opening her shirt, as instructed by Wally.


“OK, I did it, are we OK now?” she asked. Wally was nowhere near getting started. He instructed her to put on the webcam so he could confirm with his own eyes that she actually did as he had instructed.

As Brittney set up the webcam, she was counting herself lucky that as the regional manager, she at least had a private office, so no one else could see her walk around in her underwear.

After setting up the webcam, Wally confirmed that he could see her.

“Really? Seriously? But …”

Wally’s next instruction was for Brittney to take the rest of her clothes off to show that she is truly sorry.

Brittney was hugely under qualified for her current job but through office politics and some flirting, she had landed this one. She could never find anything at this level if she had to start over again and she already bought a house with a mortgage to match her salary. She was properly motivated.

She undressed while still talking to Wally on the phone.


“But I can’t, I have an interview today” she said. Wally had instructed her to stay naked in her office till 5 PM. It wouldn’t be a big problem with a private office and a respectful staff, except she had an interviewee for a new position in the sales team.

“So, I’ll just get dressed while I’m doing the interview and …”

“No, I can’t do that”

“No, I know he is from a different state, but even so …”

Wally was not letting it go. He insisted that she had to do the interview naked with the applicant. Brittney reluctantly decided to go along with Wally’s logic that since the applicant is from another state, he wouldn’t hang out with her own staff or friends, unless she decided to hire him of course. She was thinking to herself that there was no chance she would decide to hire this guy after the mountain load of gossip she would be handing him. As she thought about that, she realized that she had accepted the thought of doing the interview naked.

“OK, he’s coming now, bye bye” Brittney said to Wally, “Oh you want … oh OK …”

Wally had instructed her to keep him on the line. He wanted to hear the interview, he said. Keeping him on the line also gave him the option to whisper little somethings in her ear.

It was time for the interview.


“Hi, I’m Michael, I’m here for the  … oh, sorry, I’ll come back in a minute?” he said.

“No it’s fine, come on in and sit down.” Brittney instructed him. Nervously, Michael the applicant got in and sat down. Meanwhile, Wally was enjoying the show through his webcam.

Michael shook her hand but barely looked at her.


“Don’t be nervous” Brittney said “It’s just a job interview”.

She decided to ignore the fact that she was naked and just conduct the interview as normal. She was just about to sit down, when Wally whispered in her ear that he wanted her to stand throughout the interview. As if Michael wouldn’t be nervous enough with her sitting.

“OK, so your resume shows no experience selling paperclips. What made you apply for this job?” Brittney asked.


“Well, I heard nice things about … the people here. And I did sell tweezers a few years ago and I think it might require much of the same skillset to sell paperclips.” Michael explained

“Actually paperclips is quite different because it follows the consumption of paper to a certain degree, which I imagine is not the same with tweezers” Brittney said. Michael nodded “That’s true, still, I think I could be a valuable member of your sales staff and I’m eager to learn”.

“Thanks. OK. If you were to name three things that you are not very good at, what would that be” Brittney asked. It was one of the classic mandatory interview questions.


“Well, the only thing I can think of right now is that I do get nervous” Michael said.

“Right and how … excuse me … hmm, okay”

Michael was a bit confused. He hadn’t realized Brittney was still on the phone on her headset and Wally was now giving her a few directions on where to take the interview.


“OK well, why … yes but … no of course … “ she said as we were just hearing one side of the conversation with Wally.

“So I want to do a little role play exercise with you” Brittney said to Michael. She sat on her knees in front of him, starting unbuttoning his pants and

image image

“You mean squeeze?” Brittney asked on the phone. She put her breasts around Michaels cock and squeezed.

“Now, Michael, what would you do to defuse a tense situation?”

Michael stuttered, taken aback by her grabbing his cock, yet still not resisting very much. “Well, I would, I would … talk about something else. So how about them Knicks?” he said.

“Right, that sounds good” Brittney said, not really listening, she was also too distracted to really conduct the interview.

Brittney was silent for a moment while getting instructions from Wally. “Explain the concept of mirroring” Brittney said.

Michael stuttered again. “Well for the potential buyer to identify with you, the sales person should talk the same way, act the same and dress the same as the buyer”.

“Now, imagine that I am the buyer, what would you do?” she asked.

“Well, dressing the same way is sort of difficult of course” Michael said and laughed nervously. “Is it?” Brittney asked, as instructed by Wally.

She got up and looked at Michael. “Play along” she said.

Michael nodded and started undressing. Meanwhile Brittney was having a conversation of sorts with Wally. “No …” she whispered. “No, why can’t I … “. Finally Brittney nodded.

“Show me how committed you are to the sale – imagine I am the buyer” she said and lied back on her desk, opening her legs. The message was clear to Michael. “Very committed” he said and approached her. His cock already warmed up, he started pushing it into Brittney’s pussy.


While Wally was talking to Brittney on the phone, she was being fucked by Michael who had to show his great commitment to sales. Brittney nodded to Wally.

“Yes, I will buy, I will buy, I will buy” she said with each thrust.

“Sell it to me!” she yelled as Michael pushed his cock all the way into her. He fucked her long and hard.


“OK” Brittney moaned to Wally’s instructions.

She waited till just before Michael was to cum, then she got on the floor and jacked him off to let his cum get all over her face and breasts.


“OK, you can get dressed” Brittney said “You will hear from us”.

Michael got up, got dressed and left.

“OK boss, all done” Brittney said. “Yes he left”

She continued the conversation with Wally.

“Next time? What do you mean, what next time?”

“What recording? … ahh, right … the web cam”.

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