Cheering to win – 2/4

There was a recent trend for cheerleaders to stage revealing pictures to attract attention for their team to possibly attract some of the best players of the sport. Some cheerleaders staged pictures where they were not wearing panties like this one, which is supposed to be of a training session at the Larry’s Hoovers Sports, a team sponsored by the local hoover retail shop.


This was great advertisement for Larry’s hoover shop, although soon the team chose a new and more lucrative sponsor deal from Hooters. The best part about that offer was that they didn’t have to change their abbreviation, LHS – they changed their name to “Little Hooters Sports”.

Of course, seeing this kind of picture had the side-effect that people coming to see the matches would expect to see that the cheerleaders were not wearing panties at the game either. The cheerleaders naturally had to comply, when you say A you have to say B – mostly it didn’t matter, but for turning cartwheels and the like, they knew their private parts might be on display for a short second or two.


The teams doing this, such as the “Little Hooters Sports” team, got so much attention that many of the greatest players was signing up to play for this team. However, the local competitor, the infamous team the “Wasps of War”, used a different but even more effective strategy – their cheerleaders were also pantiless, but they introduced a policy to shorten the skirt so their lack of panties would be apparent at all times. At the same time, they changed their team name to “Bees with Bottoms”.


Immensely popular as it was, it seemed the teams had reached a stalemate in terms of attracting the best players. They both got lots of attention and it really seemed to make no profound difference anymore.

That’s when “Green Slugs” cheerleader coach asked Cindy to do something out of the ordinary to attract a new star player to the team. The idea was to quite literally ‘attract’ the player. Of course, walking around without panties, which most cheerleaders did at this point, implies something quite sexual and this suggestion would simply be giving the player what was implied to them.

The coach asked Cindy to give the prospect player a blowjob.


She took one for the team and the result was that the player joined the team immediately. Success. This may seem extreme, but these cheerleaders are truly team players and if they can do something good for the team, within reason, then they of course will do that. Well, some of them might not want to do something like that, but then maybe they are not the right kind of girls for this new generation of cheerleading crews.

Of course, now the “Green Slugs” had to consider finding a new name for themselves that would be more appropriate for them. I wonder if any of the readers have any suggestions …

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