Cheering to win – 3/4

It had become part of the recruitment strategy of sports teams, to send cheerleaders to ‘attract’ the best players for the team. At this point it was a matter of staying in the competition: If the rival team did it, you could either lose or do it too.

Of course, this meant the recruitment process for cheerleaders also had to change. Believe it or not, but some cheerleaders do not have the commitment needed to do what’s necessary to get the star players.

Here is Kendra, she just arrived at a cheerleader audition.


Kendra wanted to join the cheerleading team and was not surprised to hear that the cheerleading uniform did not include panties. “Put this on” the coach told her “and ONLY this”.


She had heard from the media and her friends about cheerleaders going to great lengths for the good of the team. The whole thing had become kind of patriotic in a way: To believe in a cause, such as a sports team, so much that you would do anything for it – Kendra was attracted by this and had to try it.

After she had changed into her cheerleading uniform, she was told to do some stretches. She soon realized that there was no possible way that she could get through this without accidentally giving glimpses of her pussy, especially considering the type of stretches that she was instructed to do. She decided it didn’t matter, that she had to ‘show’, so to speak, that she was ready to do a little extra to be a cheerleader. The coach seemed happy with her.


As she was sitting like this, she was becoming increasingly aware of the camera that was recording the session. She was just about to ask about it, but then realized just how stupid that would be. As a cheerleader, she would be performing in front of maybe a hundred thousand spectators, so worrying about a single camera did not really make any sense.

“We have fierce competition these days, Kendra” the coach explained “It is becoming increasingly harder to attract the best players”. Kendra nodded an “OK”.

“Part of your job will be to make sure you get a player to sign for our club. Now, imagine that I’m a prospect player that our club really needs…”. The coach paused and waited for Kendra.

Kendra didn’t know what to do. She said “Mr., wouldn’t you like to play for the best club in the region?” she asked him. “Hmm, yes” the coach said “but Kendra, let me give you a little hint” he said and then lowered his pants and let his cock out. “Suck my cock” he said.

Kendra understood the subtle hint and started giving him a blowjob.


She sucked him off the best she could, imagining to herself that she was getting a star player to sign for her team. Not much was going through the coach’s head, except that as he could feel he was getting closer to cumming, he had to push Kendra’s head away and delay the inevitable.

“This may not be necessary, but if needed, you have to go that extra mile” the coach said, quickly stepped out of his own clothes, yanked off Kendra’s shirt and lied down behind her and lifted her leg up wide. “This is the kind of commitment we need for the team, Kendra”. Kendra could feel the coach’s penis nudging against her pussy lips, slowly entering her wet pussy. This was truly patriotic, she thought – or at least, it showed that she was ready to be patriotic.


The coach eventually came in her with the camera still rolling. Kendra had been accepted into the cheerleading team, ready to serve the team in every way possible.

Kendra was a great example of a perfect cheerleader to fit the times. However, as you’ll see in the next episode, not all prospect cheerleaders are as good as Kendra.

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