Christina Aguilera and the way to bottomlessness 2/7

The picture caught of Christina Aguilera without panties at a concert was everywhere. It was one of those ‘most sought for’ on Google for several weeks, but as a side effect, her record sales also soared.

Christina Aguilera was of course tired of seeing her pussy on display. She explained in an interview that it had been part of her stage show and was not meant to be a publicized picture at any point. Christina Aguilera was angry and wanted to demonstrate her dissatisfaction with the world – she chose a way which was not very likely. She went completely bottomless to a concert.


As she put it. “My pussy is in every newspaper and website anyway, it’s the most sought after object on the planet, I might as well give the public what they want.”

It was one of the most provocative stage shows of an a-list celebrity ever done. She expected the public to get outraged, soccer moms to write to their congressman and a public debate about the right to publish pictures without the consent of those on them.

None of that happened.

Combined with her still great singing skills that one or two people still kind of noticed, Christina Aguilera’s popularity went through the roof – and with it, her record sales. Going bottomless to concerts had worked and at the same time, had become part of her trademark. People would expect it as part of the experience of going to a concert.

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