Christina Aguilera and the way to bottomlessness 5/7

After Christina had won MTVs “Best Pussy” award, her fame and popularity had risen more. She was under a lot of pressure to keep her style going. This was now her trademark and people expected of her to go bottomless. At one event, held by Disney, Christina Aguilera had thought it appropriate to go there wearing panties.

She was booed off the stage, she was trying to speak, but her words drowned in the sounds of people booing and yelling “take’em off!” and stuff like that. She was overwhelmed by the pressure and left the stage. She then came back 1 minute later, this time bottomless as people had expected. The cheers from the audience were great and soon silenced – she now had the full attention of the audience.


The pressure had given her some doubts about when to go bottomless and when it would be ok for her to not go bottomless. So far she had only gone bottomless at official events, such as concerts, premieres, awards shows, fundraisers and such – but what constituted an event. Would she risk losing all her popularity by letting people down, going with panties at something where people had expected her to go bottomless.

Christina’s popularity was so high now, that she caused quite a spectacle in any public appearance, not only at events, that any public appearance could very well be considered an improvised event. So she took the next logical step and went bottomless at all times, instead of only at events.


In the picture above, she can be seen right after having hailed a cab. Now, the difference between organized events and “improvised” events like this, is, that in organized events, there are security managing it all, keeping people at appropriate distance. When she appeared in public, people would usually come up to her and ask her autograph. Now, when she went out bottomless, people would still ask for her autograph, but they would also grab her ass once in a while. She would slap their hands at first, but with the pen in her hand, signing an autograph, it wasn’t always possible. Rather than panicking, she did the only professional thing and ignored the fact that she had a strangers hand on her butt.

Some times there would be hand on her pussy and as she continually ignored it, because it simply would be too much hassle to keep slapping away all those hands, a few people ventured fingering her pussy a little bit. She was visibly annoyed by it, but kept her facade, did her celebrity duty … signing autographs.

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