Christina Aguilera and the way to bottomlessness 6/7

Christina had recently made a habit of walking around half naked in public and even letting people grab a feel once in a while. Meanwhile, and old photo, showing something as rare as Christina Aguilera’s boob, made it to the public. She’s playing around with Jessica Simpson on this picture and they seem to be having a lot of fun.


When this picture came out, it started a rumor. A rumor about what was going on between Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson. In the rumor was also talk about her sexuality. This really worried Christina Aguilera. She would not want anyone to think she was a lesbian.

Actually, her popularity didn’t go down from some people thinking she was a lesbian, but Christina ignored this fact. She was so very worried, because her logic told her, her entire career would be in danger. She knew a very large part of her fans were men and figured she would be pushing them away, if they thought she was a lesbian.

Her advisors kept saying she shouldn’t worry about it, but she just couldn’t get it out of her head. She decided one day to take drastic measures to convince the public she was not a lesbian.

She went on stage, naked, and as part of her show, she wacked a guy off while she touched herself.


She was sure this would convince the public that she was not a lesbian.

This was the first show where she didn’t actually sing. No one noticed.

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