Christina Aguilera and the way to bottomlessness 7/7

After Christina had become obsessed with the thought that she might be pushing away her male fans because they would think she was gay, she started working on a new album. What was unusual about this was that it was done in secret, more or less.

When she was ready to do the music video for the hit single, she found a new agency which was unknown in the music business. Her record company objected, but she pointed out that she had complete power to choose which agency to use for her music videos.

She kept the shooting completely secret. Now even her own record company knew any details about the music video. In fact, the first time they saw it, was when Christina herself presented it to them, directly on her website, where the video was published. It started with a scene that is quite unusual to see


It was done quite tastefully, actually. “I guess it’s not too bad – at least he is fucking you in perfect rythm with the music – and it’s not TOO explicit, I guess” the agency director said. He was trying to be supportive of her choice, since it was too late now anyway. The video already published on her website, there was no point in pushing away his top star, which she certainly still was.

“Yeah, this will show them. I’m definitely not guy. Look how I’m smiling on this next scene”.


She certainly was smiling. “This is a little more explicit, isn’t it” one marketing agent whispered to the other.

“Yeah, I’m not afraid to show who I am or share my most inner secrets” Christina said. “Or your inner genitals” someone said from the back and everyone giggled.

“Christina, you have really done something unique here. I’m not sure it’s a great idea, but it sure is unique. But did you consider that you are now moved from the music to the porn business?” the record company manager said.

“No I’m not” she said.

“Well, if this is not porn, I don’t know what is” the manager argued.

“No, I mean, it’s not unique. Looked at this scene coming up. There is a guest start”


"Ha ha, that Britney can be talked into anything” Christina laughed.

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