Competing with the popular girl

This happened to me in high school at a time when we were all very competitive. There were popular girls that everyone wanted to be like – or be better than. We would all compete with everything.

“I got an A”. “Well, I got an A+”.

“I can run 100 meters in 16 seconds”. “I can run it in 14 seconds”.

We were also competing in terms of dressing sexy. The most popular girl was dressing no more sexy than me. Here is a picture of the popular girl. You can tell why she was popular.


We would also compete in terms of sexual experience. We didn’t really know that none of us had had many sexual experiences so we all the time had to lie a bit to “keep up” with the other girls.

The popular girl at one point said. “I just love big black cocks – don’t you, Cindy”.

“Of course” I said “But I like them much bigger than you”.

“Naa, I can take it much bigger than you”.

“Denzel has a really big cock – did you try his cock"? I asked the popular girl. She shook her head “No, but I can bet you I could take it. Did you try it?”

“No, not yet, but for me it would be easy – I just love big cocks” I told her. “Me too” she said.

“Here he is now” I said. “Take out your cock, Denzel, Becky wants to suck it. Don’t you Becky?”

She didn’t respond. “Maybe you can’t?” I asked her. “Of course I can”.

“There you go, Denzel.” He pulled it out and put it in Becky’s face who tried to start sucking it. “This will help it a long to grow a little bigger” I said and pulled down Becky’s top.


“Do you think it’s too big, Becky?” I asked her. She shook her head. “Nahh, I eat cocks like this for breakfast”.

With that Denzel pulled back until I calmed his nerves. “It’s a figure of speech, she doesn’t actually eat cocks”.

“It seems to be going well, but I bet your pussy can’t handle a cock that size” I said. “Well, can yours?” Becky asked. “Of course, but go ahead, you are already started, you can go first.

I helped them along by pulling down Becky’s pants. Denzel was definitely in on the action and started guiding his cock into Becky’s pussy. It didn’t seem easy, but her pussy actually DID take much of his cock.


“Uh oh, brace for impact!” I said, when I noticed Denzel was about to cum.

He pulled out and started cumming in Becky’s face.


“Well done Becky” I said. “You were right about being able to handle a cock that size.”

“In fact, I am so impressed that I’m not even going to try to top your performance. You win, Becky”.

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