Contest nominees, part 1

Wow, thanks people – I received so many qualified pictures that I have decided to have 6 nominees separated into 2 voting rounds of 3 pics each. The two winners will then go head to head – or pussy to pussy as it were.

New submissions are still accepted at!

Contestant 1
Does this picture qualify? I met her at a concert, this is from my motel room where I stayed overnight for the concert. I didnt see her again after that day. She wasnt much stoned when this picture was taken.


A nice submission, thanks. And yes, that is exactly the kind of picture that qualifies for this contest.

I hope you sent her off with a little guidance about hair styles. Although I do like her intimate hair style.

Contestant 2
Dear Mr. Grinch,

My wife agreed to submit one of the pictures from our personal archive to your contest. If we win, she is going to spend the winnings on a day at the beauty parlour.


Thanks a lot. If she wins, I do hope they help her tidy up her hairstyle a bit.

Contestant 3
Hey, this is my fuck buddy through the last 5 years. We take pictures some times and then we enjoy looking over them together later. Then we always delete them. Some times copies are left on the camera.


What a nice picture. I wish I knew what’s going on, on this picture. What is she looking at? I asked the contestant, but he didn’t reply back yet.

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