Conversion 5/5

Last time was something special – the birth of a porn star. Angie had fucked on camera and she was ready for more. She was going to get it. More, that is.

We had invited her to the studio again and she was apparently ready for another session. Last time we had given her the usual $500 for the session, $1000 extra for the blowjob and no less than $3000 extra for the sitting on a guy’s dick for a little time. Quite an investment, but it was a good investment into creating something amazing. A great porn star.

Although the photo shoot was easily worth that, we were obviously not going to keep on throwing that much money at her.

We started the photo shoot as simple nude modeling and promised her the usual $500.


We had a ‘2nd shooter’ today – that is, another camera man to take the pictures so that we would have our … hands free.

We were both looking at her in awe, as she was opening her dress and letting it fall, revealing her perfectly shaped breasts. I looked over at Andy, then back on Angie’s butt, now only covered by her thong.

I felt like I lost track of time, it could have been seconds, minutes or hours, I just stared at her and then saw her dropping her panties


As we had her standing naked in front of us, posing for the camera, this was the moment to talk about what other events we had in store for her on this particular day. I decided to make it a little complicated for her.

“Dear Angie, good news!” I said as she was still standing naked in front of us “we would like to offer you to be partner in our agency!” I said and awaited her response. She was “Partner, what will that entail?”

“Possibilities! Stability!” I said “You will get a 1 year contract of $1000 for every photo session you participate in … and …”. Again, I awaited her reaction. She was all ears. I continued “And you will also be able to get profit sharing for any new models you help find, just like Andy and I are sharing the profits from your photo shoots!”

She was obviously excited about that. “Uhm, OK thanks!” she said. Although there was one condition that I had not yet mentioned. “Of course you will have to make a buy-in to become a partner. $12000 dollars. Don’t worry, with your contract and your profit sharing, you will easily earn that much”.

“Sorry but I don’t have that kind of money. All I have is $2000” Angie explained. She was still standing naked in front of us. “But you have something else” I said and pointed to one of her breasts. “Yeah?” she said, not fully getting what I meant.

“You can become a partner right now, give us the $2000 and then you have to take at least ten jobs of a $1000 within the next two months. Then you’ll be a partner!”

She did the math in her head. It went something like ‘$12000 to be partner, $2000 in cash now, $1000 per session, that’s ten sessions’. Yes, she got it. “And with your contract you will be promised up to 10 sessions so that way you are sure to become partner” I continued. She was envisioning herself being a successful business woman, envisioning her being in our position. Only 2 months into the future she would have all this – essentially from doing something again that she had already done.

“OK, I’m in!” she said. I was quick to find the paperwork and show it to her. It was summarized in less than a page so it didn’t take her long to read and sign it. “So that’s just $9000 left, I guess, counting this photo session.”

“That’s true”, I said, “except the session is not over yet”. I pointed to Andy’s cock already out. He was putting lube on it and invited her over. Angie remembered the last session and reminded herself that this was the same thing over again. She sat down on Andy and soon they were in full swing.


I was observing as Angie and Andy were being filmed. Meanwhile, I was stepping out of my own pants and finding the bottle of lube. I pressed out more than enough lube and put it on my cock – and I kept the bottle in my left hand.

I approached Angie from behind and then gently let some lube run from the inside of her ass crack, down her ass. I then gently rubbed it on her asshole. She definitely noticed it but didn’t understand what it was she was sensing – and she was too busy to look back.

That’s why I put a little extra lube on my cock and started ramming it into her asshole.


“Oh my g…. ahhh, ahhh damn damn damn” Angie was being quite verbal. Obviously she was not used to getting a cock yanked up her butt. “You bastard” she said “What are you doing?” Apparently she wasn’t happy with the surprise, but even so, she was still fucking Andy.

Even through the commotion, Angie succeeded in asking a question very relevant to her. “1-2, so this is $2000 for 2 people – only $8000 to go!” she said decisively. Apparently she felt that the amount of cocks decided the price.

“Not at all” I said “It’s $1000 per session” putting emphasis on session.

Angie was quiet. I took the word. “Andy, this is so tight, you should really try it”. I lifted up Angie’s ass and Andy pushed her upwards. I then turned her around and pointed her asshole right at Andy’s cock. “Got it? There it is” I said as I saw Andy’s cock disappear into her asshole. In front of me was that sweet pussy I had been wanting to fuck since the first time I met her.


I stuffed my cock in her pussy and felt the lips envelop it. Her pussy was almost as tight as her ass. With all the lube on my cock, it went in very smooth and I fucked her without any regards for the camera, the contracts, the modeling, the magazine, Andy – even Angie. All that was in my head now was fucking.

The next thing I remember is that Andy and I was standing up and we were both cumming on her face, her hair, her tits, everywhere. She was holding and licking my cock and looking over at the camera, content that it was over.


Andy and I sat in the couch and Angie just stayed on the floor like that. She looked up at me and said “Not every session is going to be like this, is it?”

I responded “Maybe, maybe not, let’s see – and another thing”. “What?” Angie asked. I smiled at her and said. “Who says the session is over?”

Model: Angel Dark

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