Conversion 4/5

We had a great photo shoot with Angie and a great night out. She was losing her inhibitions in both cases – on the set she was playing with herself and in the restaurant, she was getting drunk and careless about her dress.

We scheduled another photo shoot with her and she agreed to the usual $500. When she arrived, we saw she had a new phone and a new bracelet. A sure tell signal that she was beginning to get some more expensive habits. Good news for us, because that means she will be needing more money.

This time we gave her a nice little outfit which showed the lower part of her breasts.


We were still in disbelief over the fact, that we had even convinced this girl to be a nude model. The bottom was kind of sheer – a kind of reminder of how it all started. Well, that

Wow. Beautiful.

We had at least $15.000 profits from these photo shoots and Angie was still just asking for $500 for each photo shoot. There was certainly budget to try a few new things. Today was going to be the day to try just that.


She was doing good, rolling around, moving her pants to the side was her own initiative. She was a real certified nude model now. We had her get completely naked and ready for the next segment.

“We have a special guest on the set today” I said. Angie shrugged her shoulders “But Andy is always on the set, isn’t he?”

“No no, not Andy. Him!” I said and pointed to a black guy we had invited on to the set. “Uhm … and what is he doing here?” Angie asked.

“Maybe you’d have sex with him on camera. What do you think?” I asked. Stop for a moment and imagine if I had suggested this the first time we had met her. She would have been calling the police. But now I only got a “Forget it, I’m not doing that.”. I take that as a challenge.

“Of course, that’s up to you – but if you just put his cock in your mouth, we’ll double your pay for this shoot. That’s $500 extra, just for that”. I lured. “$500 is not enough.” she said. Saying that, meant she was ready to do it, but we just had to find the right price. “I want at least $1000” she then said.

“You got it!” I said immediately and turned to the black dude. “Go for it”. Angie mumbled something about ‘at least’, before her words got muffled by the dick in her mouth.


He moved it a little around but he was not getting a lot of participation from Angie. It was in her mouth alright, but she was not being cooperative about the whole thing.

“Is that the best you can do?” I challenged her. Made it about her skills instead of about the money. That made her try a little harder, she sucked it a little bit now and tried to get into it, touching herself.


“OK, that’s enough” Angie said. “I’m not doing anymore of this. I assume you got your pictures”.

“As a matter of fact, I didn’t. You’re not done yet. We need more pictures of this.” I explained. Angie thought she was taking charge, but in fact the opposite happened. She knew she had to complete the photo set to get the $1000 extra. If she stopped in the middle of it, she would not get anything and would basically just have sucked a stranger’s cock for free.

I got the pictures I needed and ‘released’ her. “OK, that’s fine” I said. “Now, are you sure you don’t want to have sex with him. I’ll make it worth your while” I said.

She shook her head, but didn’t say anything. “No” she then said “I don’t think so”. I was delighted to hear it phrased like that. It meant, ‘I don’t think so, but perhaps I can be convinced’. “What I give you another $1000. You already sucked his cock, what’s the difference?” I asked.

“Not interested” she just said. “How about $1500 then?” She was surprised to hear the price went up that easily. “No” she said again. “OK, how about $2000 then?” I asked. Angie hesitated, but then said no again. We were getting close. “Never mind” I then said, let’s call it a day. No more now.

“$3000” she then said, out of the blue. I was quick to agree, knowing I could make at least twice that for the resulting photos.

The black guy lied down and Angie slowly but surely sat down on his cock. She slid slowly down on it a little, then slowly up again.


She kept going forward v-e-r-y slowly for a few minutes. Then the rhythm started to change. She was getting into it.

She was sliding further and further down until about two minutes later, she stopped the rhythm and just moved slowly, further and further down. Further and further, until she was all the way down. She then sat on his cock and moved her ass around a little bit, feeling the cock inside her.


Then she moved up again, down, up and each time all the way down. Her pace quickened. She went faster and faster, rode almost all the way off his cock, before continuing down again, each time feeling the entire length of his cock.

That’s the first time she came. She yelled so loud I thought for a moment she was hurt, but the opposite was true. It made her stop for a few seconds, before continuing again. This time the guy was beginning to get deeper breathing. It was obvious he was about to cum. Angie listened to his breathing and right at the very end, she jumped off and filed his cock to explosion.

Something magical had happened today. The world’s top pornstar was born.


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