Discovered my Potential

I was waiting for a friend of mine who never showed up and I just thought I had lost the whole day, when the opportunity of a lifetime came to me.


This guy came up to me with a camera crew and told he was shooting a documentary about models and asked whether I wanted to participate in it.

He said I was just the type he was looking for, for this documentary.


“But I’m not a model” I told him.

He couldn’t believe me. He made me promise that I was telling the truth, that I had not done any modeling work before. He was really surprised about that. “You look just like a high class model” he said.

I knew I was good looking and getting attention from the boys, but I had not been discovered before by anyone. Perhaps I hadn’t been in the right places.


I followed them back to their “lair” as they called it, where they would be casting actors for their documentary.

I was shown to a couch and they set up a camera in front of me and they started interviewing me. Some questions were very casual and others were quite blatant about my sexual habits.

They started explaining a bit more about their documentary.

“You know that documentaries do re-enactments, right?” they asked. I had seen that lots of times.


“Our documentary is about models” they said and asked if I wanted to be in it. I would be paid good money for it, they said. I agreed of course and they told me what the documentary was all about.

“Do you know some times models are taken advantage of during an audition”. I didn’t know that. “Well that happens – and you would be perfect to be a model for a re-enactment in this documentary”.

“Great” I said and couldn’t believe me luck.

“Rirst we have to make sure you are right for this role in the documentary, so let’s do a rehearsal now”. I agreed. They sat on either side of me and started pulling my blouse down.


“But would my breasts then be visible in the documentary?” I asked nervously.

“Yes, but only for educational purposes” the guy said.

“And anywway, this is just an audition, let’s talk about your exact role if you get the part” he added.

“And the same goes for your vagina” he said while the other guy pulled my panties off. They held a hand on either thigh and my legs were spread quite wide, making it a really detailed shot for the documentary.


“Is this normal?” I asked

“It is” he said “but it shouldn’t be – that’s what we are trying to show with this documentary.”

Both of them took their cocks out. “Often times the so-called casting directors are trying to get sexual gratification from the hopeful models. That’s what we are trying to capture with this scene. You should grab the cocks.”


“No, actually, don’t smile. The models who are put in this situation are often not feeling very confident but are simply following through to make sure they get the role. So for your audition, it’s important you capture that”.

I stopped smiling and started looking distressed the best I could. However, it was hard to hide my smile, because I was so happy that it seemed possible that I was going to be part of this documentary. Imagine just this morning I had no real prospects and today I had a shot at being a movie star.

“They would make the model suck their cock, so go ahead and do that now”.

“But, would that be in the documentary?” I asked to understand.

“No, not so blatantly, this is just for the audition, we will make it cleaner in the actual documentary” he explained. When I then started sucking his cock I was surprised to notice that the other guy started pushing his cock into my pussy. Oh well, anything for the audition.


He started fucking me really hard.

“What now?” I asked.

“You don’t really have to do anything now” he said.

How easy. I guess the hard part was over.

He was fucking me very deep and I was impressed with the realism in the sense that they were not using a condom when they were cumming in me. All that just for an audition.


The other guy came on my face.

“Now you can smile” they said.

I smiled the best I could. “They usually make the model smile in this part of the audition, because with cum on her face, it makes it even more demeaning if they smile.


They handed me a towel and I cleaned myself up. They got me a lemonade as well which I enjoyed in the couch.

“So did I get the part?” I asked.

“Not so fast!” he responded “Did you think this was going to be the only audition? We need to make sure!”

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