Drug inspection at the embassy

I work at the Italian embassy in Columbia. I’ve been working here for 4 months now. Working in an embassy is nice. You get to meet interesting people and you get to see foreign countries.


Let me tell you one of the stories of my life in the embassy. On they day of the story, I had been asked to stay behind after work to have my office inspected by local authorities.

Even though we are an embassy, they want to make sure that no illegal activities are taking place.

4 or 5 officers from the local police force searched my office – and to my great surprise, they actually found drugs in there!


I didn’t know how the drugs got there – in my office. It didn’t matter to the police officers. The drugs were in my office so they were my drugs, according to them.

“You will undergo an interrogation now” one officer told me. “According to Columbian law, any drug related interrogation, the suspect is to remain nude, to remove any doubt of more drugs hidden on the suspect’s person”.

I shook my head. “Forget about it, this is an embassy …”

I didn’t get any further than that, before they tore my clothes right off my body.


“This is Columbia and you follow the laws of Columbia! Drug smuggler!”

This was getting really serious.

“Tell us where the rest of the drug shipment is!” they yelled at me, as they put me butt naked on the interrogation table.


“Tell us now!” the interrogater said.

“I don’t know anything about any drugs, those drugs are not mine” I tried to explain.

“Sure, someone else just happened to plan 10 million dollars worth of drugs in your office – why would they do that? No, those drugs are yours” the interrogater concluded.

“Tell us where the rest of the drugs are, or I’ll make you suck me cock”.


The officer didn’t wait for an answer and cocks were shoved in my face from every angle.

“Are you going to tell us?” one officer asked again.

I couldn’t answer, with my mouth full of cocks.

They put me on the table and one of them gagged me. “Maybe you will talk if we get serious” an officer said. He then pushed his cock up against my pussy HARD until it pressed it’s way inside.


I was gagged and couldn’t even tell them even if I wanted to. A guy was even holding a hand over my mouth on top of the gag.

Meanwhile, they put lubricant on my ass too, in preparation for what was going to happen next.

They lifted me to a bed where one of the officers were waiting. They lifted me directly down on his cock, slowly slipping into my ass.

Another officer started fucking me in the pussy at the same time.


Crying, I tried to tell them again that I didn’t know anything.

“Wow, this bitch is really one of the big fish – she must be smuggling a lot of drugs. Even when we’re raping her, she is not telling us where she is hiding the rest of her drug shipment”.

They switched places and another officer started fucking my pussy.


The guy with his dick in my ass was cumming in my ass now. I could feel his cock going limp.

The other guy started cumming on my tummy.

After they were both done, they put me on the bed – I was about to run away, but one officer still held on to me.

“Better make sure she doesn’t evade the long ‘arm’ of the law” the officer said, laughing.


They tied me to the bed and left me there.

I got a few minutes to myself. I was thinking of where the drugs came from and how I was ever going to get out of this situation.

Then one of the officers came back and started fucking me.


Moments later he was about to cum and made sure to cum directly in my face.

In hindsight, I should’ve probably not opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue at this very moment.


After he was done, the next one took his place.


“This one has stamina!” he ýelled to the others. “I’m beginning to think she might now even know where the drugs are”.

Just as I thought this guy, currently fucking me, was going to be my salvation, he stuffed his cock in my mouth while he was cumming.


I considered for a moment to bite it, but figured it probably wouldn’t help my case.

After 20 minutes or so, they all came back into the room, fully dressed in their uniforms. The interrogator asked me “You’re sure you don’t know where the rest of the drugs are?”.

I nodded. “Yes, I’m sure I don’t know, I’ve never seen those drugs before today”.

“Hmm … OK then …” he untied my handcuffs. “We’ll let you off with a warning this time, then.”

I got up and wiped the cum off my face.

As the team of law enforcers left the room, the interrogater said “Have a nice day”.

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