Even more stupid than it seems

You may think my decision was stupid, but so did I and I was the one doing it. I don’t know how I convinced myself that this would be the right course of action. Here I am, standing in the bedroom that changed my life.


Wait, let me start at the beginning. I was an aspiring actress and had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction at one point and a guy took a photograph of me with my tit out. I was patrofied. Here I was, trying to build up a good image and then I went ahead and accidentally showed my tit, I didn’t think of the fact that most celebrities would benefit from a wardrobe malfunction, which is why some of them do it on purpose. I was just terrified, scared that my tit would be on the front page of newspapers. If only I was so lucky.

Anyway, I had actually agreed to come to this motel room and earn the picture back from the photographer. That was how he phrased it and it was of course implied that I was going to have sex with him for it.

I actually agreed to do it!

What I didn’t agree to, at first, was that two guys were in the motel room and I was expected to service both of them. I protested but they were not compromising. Take it or leave it, the photographer said, thinking of both the deal and his actual cock. I was already here and was still patrofied that my picture was going to get published, so I agreed and grabbed both cocks.


While I sucked them off, I kind of argued with the photographer as well. I said it was ok that I had to suck off both of them, but that I’d only let one of them into my pussy. That was the deal. Take it or leave it, I said, referencing what he had just said. He agreed and that made me feel a bit like I was in control again.

I was imagining I could suck one guy off and then fuck the second guy and get it over with like that, but no such luck. The photographer started fucking me before I was done with the other guy, so I ended up in a position where I had to suck one guy off while being fucked by the other.


They both lied down as if they expected me to ride one and then the other, but I didn’t want to do that. I fucked one and sucked the other one off. I had won a small victory by insisting to only let the one guy into my pussy, thus sucking off the other guy the best I had learnt.

I was less than satisfied with their interpretation of my conditions, though, when they insisted that I should be double penetrated. I protested but they argued that it would still only be the one guy in my pussy, the other would be in my ass. I was tired by now and in the moment I thought it would be easier to just ‘give in’ so to speak.


They fucked me for what must’ve been like 15 minutes like this, both kind of laughing or grinning while they did it. Guess they enjoyed themselves. They better!

Of course, I had chosen all of this myself, but it was not really a situation I wanted to be in. That feeling continued when one guy came on my pussy and ass and the other in my face. I didn’t even want to protest – what would be the point.


I did, however, want to protest at what they said right after cumming on me. “Smile to the camera” the photographer said and pointed at a camera that had been filming the whole thing!

“You bastards, that wasn’t part of the deal!” I yelled.

Instead of trying to convince me otherwise, the photographer made it impossible for me to argue – he agreed with me. “You’re right, but we did it anyway” he said blatantly. “What are you going to do with it?” I asked – frightened. This was much worse than the innocent nipple slip I had come to erase from history.

He was quite straigtforward about it. “Come back here next week, and we won’t publish it” he said. I couldn’t allow this footage to get out, so I agreed with it and came back next week.

Next week, the same two guys were there, quite uninventive really, I had expected more. Well, there was one more guy, filming the whole thing! I protested, saying I wouldn’t do it on camera. They said it was a requirement and that they would otherwise publish the video from last week. Damn, they had me. I agreed. Fucked them both. In the end of the session I was not surprisingly invited back next week or they’d publish the new video.

I came back week after week, fucking new guys each week, experiencing more double penetration and even a few bukkake showers every now and then. I kept doing it, to keep the videos from being published.

The guys got more and more random. Just people waiting outside who didn’t really know what was going on or why they were there, other than that they had paid a very low price for fucking a hot chick.

I was satisfied, however, that the videos were not getting published and continued like this for half a year, every week. I found some time in between to work on my actual acting career so I thought it had actually worked out for the best. That is until I found myself on the internet. The videos were published – actually they had been published at a pay site since the very beginning and was now even spread among pirated sites!

I protested, of course! My acting career was ruined. Instead of apologizing, they gave me an offer. Get paid 50 dollars each week for being the star in their porn site. I was outraged, but then thought about it rationally. I had just fucked strangers for half a year and was not getting paid for it at all. My acting career was ruined anyway. I could see no better choice than agree!


Of course, the deal was not as sweet as it sounded. What really happened was that members of the paysite were given my address and was allowed to come visit and fuck me when they wanted. I got fucked up to 20 times per day after that, all the time on webcam, published live on the front page as advertisement for the pay site, which had now become a low price subscription to sex with me.

Well, at least now I got paid.

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