Fair enough

I know of course why my teachers singled me out. “Gina, can you please stay behind” my teacher said when class ended and everyone else left.

“Do you know why we asked you to stay behind?”


I did know. I knew my style is catching their attention. It’s not their attention I’m trying to catch with my style, but it’s indiscriminate. Yes, they singled me out because they noticed me. But I wasn’t going to answer that of course. Truthfully, I didn’t know what specifically made them want me to stay behind.

“Not really” I answered.

“What if I gave you this? Then would you know?” he asked me and handed me a piece of cloth for cleaning.


“Well, it’s not my turn to clean the classroom, I’m sure of that!” I answered. We had a schedule for this and my turn was months away.

“Right, but would you look at that?” he said and pointed to the floor near my seat. Sure enough, there was a real mess right by my seat.

“Hey, I didn’t do that!” I said, which was the truth.


“Well, it’s your seat and your responsibility, so you will be taking the cleaning duty today. I’ll stay and monitor you to make sure you do it well” he said.

Fair enough, I thought to myself. How could they know for sure that it wasn’t my mess, even if it was near my seat. And I should have noticed who had done it.

I just wished it hadn’t happened on a day where I was dressed like this. Normally I would dress more conservatively when I had the cleaning duty, because this style is not really … practical.

Oh well, might as well get started, I thought to myself.


I had to crouch to reach the mess on the floor. Meanwhile, the teacher was just standing around, fiddling with his phone.

He gave me some directions. “Don’t forget those papers all the way under your desk” he said. I saw some stuff under there, definitely none of mine, but it was my problem now.

As I was crawling to get the papers, my short skirt rode up over my ass.


The teacher went up behind me and that’s when I heard a definite sound of his iPhone camera taking a picture.

It must have been a great one. I knew it was.


What a jerk, walking around taking pictures of me in this vulnerable position. Although I guess it’s fair enough, we are in a public area and he didn’t force me to wear this dress, not did he create the mess I had to clean up. Really he did nothing wrong, I was just mad at myself I guess, for getting me here.

I was done a few minutes later and was about to leave, when the teacher told me about the pictures. “Quite some good pictures, I am sure the other teachers are going to enjoy those when I share the pictures with them” he said.

“No don’t do that!” I said “I’ll flash you my tits!” I said and flashed my tits at him.


“No deal” he said.

“But I already flashed you!” I argued. But he said he hadn’t agreed to any deal. Fair enough, I guess, he actually hadn’t, I just assumed he would.

“Come on” I said, “let me make it worth your while!”. I reached out for his cock and he half heartedly objected.


“OK” he said, and with that I got his cock out and started sucking it. There was no need for any warm-up, he had already warmed up from ogling me and pictures of me, I guess.


After a minute, he lifted me up on the table and started pulling my panties off.

“Hey, Mr., that wasn’t part of the deal!” I said.

“You’re making it worth my while, aren’t you?”

Fair enough, I hadn’t really said specifically what the deal entailed, just that I would make it worth his while. It’s subjective I guess …


He didn’t waste any time and jammed his cock right into my pussy immediately and started fucking me.


He pushed his cock all the way into me, then slowly pulling it almost out again. Then another thrust, all the way in. He pulled out a little and then thrusted deep again. He continued, faster and faster.

He was getting into a rhythm, thrusting every second, every half second and finally so fast it was like he was almost shaking.

“Don’t cum!” I said, just in time for him to cum hard and long inside my pussy.


He let it rest in there for a while and let it go softer, then slowly pulled it out, cum coming with it.

I got up and let me skirt fall down and put my bra back up. I couldn’t find my panties, so I had cum running down my thigh. I would have to come up with a good story for anyone I would meet walking home.

“So this was worth your while, I hope” I said and wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

“Yes” he said “I won’t share the pictures with the other teachers”…

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